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Awake: 6:39am      Temp 57       sleep 6+13      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

The Basset brick layers are here today, but not Simon, the boss man. Later, the security guys, Ted & Randy, were here. They are making a change on the wireless box. Apparently having the box in our Master bed room was not working so well; the far wing, where the geo is located, doesn't always receive a signal. So they moved the power box downstairs, more in the middle, & now it feeds both wings & hex just fine.

                              This is Randy talking with Kathy. DSC0001069.JPG K & I drove over to the storage facility to let Cy inside so he could close his (5) crates. Then, thanks to Cy, we motored to Johnstown & to the Lowe's store & purchased a dolly & some skidders to help make our moving furniture easier. We also bought more granite to finish my fireplace when Chuck, the tile man, gets the time. Then Conzetti's for Italian sausage, Market Basket for more groceries, & Aldi on Galleria Dr. to look the place over & maybe buy a few more groceries like pork chops, frozen egg rolls & a Swiss assortment.

Dinner: New England clam chowder, oyster crackers, cherries & a peach.

Byron called, ready to help us move; using the forklift, he moved my armoire from the basement onto the main floor. That took quite a while in itself. Then darkness was upon us.

Lights out: 11:47pm.
Awake: 6:39am       Temp 66      sleep 6+53      1st rain @ 11:00am.      We started @ 8:15am using our Suzuki; lots of boxes & odds & ends. We made (2) trips with the Suzuki & then used the red truck.

Since Cy is coming in today with his two vehicles, large & small, Kathy thought it best to clear a path for him & his working crew of (7) not counting Trish, who will be helping unload. As you can see, there is little room at this time to bring in a huge load of furniture & other boxes, etc. DSC0001065.JPG Having a respectable aisle for Cy & his crew, we continued loading both vehicles again; then the unloading. DSC0001066.JPG Just as we started the unloading, TRW's were getting closer. Only a few boxes had some rain drops on them as we finished the basement unloading. The entry way for the main floor has a roof over it. DSC0001068.JPG During some of our opening of the boxes, we found a crowbar which we could have used from the very beginning. DSC0001067.JPG When Cy called, they were happy to have a path for the unloading & during arrival, even more delighted to have (2) empty crates...but they needed more.

I hinted that if they could move the heavy things out of our almost empty crates, like parts of my metal lathe, and my industrial rubber, master bed mattress, red hose, & China cabinet, they could have (3) more crates. 1st, a break for those workers; Cy & I went to the Nicktown Bar & he purchased (3-4 )six packs of beer.

By golly it worked: those tough guys, mostly nephews, cousins & friends of Cy, got right with it & Cy got his (3) more crates loaded & we have more heavy items to get the forklift after.

Dinner: BLT's with local grown tomatoes; excellent!

We Skyped Nick for (1) hr (21) min.

Lights out: 12:26am.
Awake: 6:18am      Temp 58       sleep 6+29      mostly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Today we got started @ 8:15am. Kathy started opening another nasty crate; after a while, she offered a change of jobs. I worked on the nasty door & she gathered more shipping paper into bundles. We also saw that our boxes were getting in our way so we loaded both the red truck & the Suzuki & made a trip to the house. DSC0001062.JPG Theresa, our good friend from the KK, paid us a visit & brought us (2) peaches from Chambersburg. That was nice of her. She spent a short time with us & didn't want to slow our pace.

We were finished with the unloading process & nearly done with breakfast when we noticed: we have more company.
                                       It's our young pals on their Trike. DSC0001063.JPG They were enjoying the nice weather & decided to check on our slow progress. Lucky people they are; their house is already built & they have lots of free time in retirement. Ok, back to the devil's cave.

I finally opened the present nasty door @ 3:40pm. Now we have (7) crates opened.

Again I focused on the shipping paper, loaded many folded bundles onto the red truck & put a wrapped pool table side on top to hold the bulk papers down, I realized that it would be so easy to take a snooze in this relaxed position...but I didn't. DSC0001064.JPG During the un-loading time in the basement, my 1st cousin Jeff visited us; we knew he was hinting for a tour but we & he didn't have much time so we both postponed that idea for now.

K & I cleaned up, changed clothes & attended 6:00pm vigil Mass & afterward, we had beer with Pizza & good talk with our friends: Theresa, Barry, & John.

Late documentary: "Bogart", the untold story; very informative & interesting.

Lights out: 11:41.
Awake: 6:18am      Temp 62      sleep 6+16      mostly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

K & I got started about 8:45am @ the storage facility. I loaded the car & red truck while Kathy opened boxes from the crates. (1) of the crate's door to be opened had been double nailed & stapled; very difficult to get into. We made several trips back & forth with just the red truck.         
                                                   The red truck. DSC0001058.JPG        (1) of the crates had a section of my workshop in it; awkward & very heavy to carry. DSC0001057.JPG          Speaking of heavy loads, here is a section of my metal lathe, also very, very heavy. DSC0001059.JPG Off & on, Kathy continued cutting the steel ribbon that had been tied to each & every crate into foot long pieces & putting them in a box. Her collection will be taken & fed to the dumpster later. DSC0001060.JPG                     Also, some of this shipping paper will end up on our burn pile. DSC0001061.JPG Dinner: omelet (beef & veggie) + toast.

Lights out: 11:49pm.
Awake: 7:09am       Temp 61      sleep 7+52       mostly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Kathy stayed @ our house to break down boxes for the burn pile. I drove over to the storage building & started opening more crates. By noon time, (2 & ¾ opened). I also pulled out boxes & carried them to the garage door.

Back in our M.H., Bernie visited us; his health is getting better all the time. About the same time, 84 Lumber brought in a load of treated boards for the 1st phase of our decking; so we discussed the possible deck material & the estimated time frame to do the job. DSC0001056.JPG After Bernie left, K & I were about to go into our house when we spotted Janet & Bill; they were collecting $ for the annual Nicktown picnic. So I forked over a little $ & then, K & I gave them a tour of our house for being such good neighbors.

Later, K & I went back to the storage facility & spent (2) more hrs getting boxes & stuff out of the crates, loading them into our Suzuki & the red truck, bringing them back to our house, & unloading them onto the main floor.

Dinner: leftover Pizza, salad & cherries.

Lights out: 11:58pm.
Awake: 6:02am      Temp 56       sleep 6+36      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

1st thing this morning, we visited our house & realized we must do our best to stay somewhat organized. Here is Kathy introducing the neat & organized wrapping paper & cardboard..... DSC0001050.JPG            and she's using the big black bags to rid the extra torn wrapping & cardboard. DSC0001051.JPG I was impressed to see all the cabinets filled up with glasses, dishes, etc. Just wondering: how does a short lady stretch herself to the upper cabinets? DSC0001052.JPG Later this morning, Kathy drove to the Foote Castle to baby sit the (4) boys. Melissa has a Dr. appointment & Kevin does not have the time built up to take time off so Grandma was ready to help out.

Meanwhile, cousin Cy is back in town; he is taking our place ....using less than half of the empty crates we used for storage.

             Our completely full dumpster was replaced with an empty one this morning; DSC0001053.JPG                           And there goes the overfilled dumpster...using a cover. DSC0001054.JPG Neighbor Chuck visited & I showed him the challenge I have coming up to get our compressors working again. DSC0001055.JPG I did make another call to Newell & talked with Chuck, the parts guy, about some of the parts he will be sending me soon.

Around 6:00pm, Byron called us & said he & his fork lift are free to help us this evening with the heavier things in storage. He made (3) trips over to our house this evening. Cyril joined us to watch the activity for awhile. Then, due to darkness, we finished with the last load @ 8:50pm.

Dinner: pulled pork & tuna salad.

Lights out: 11:17pm.

Awake: 6:52am     Temp 61     sleep 7+57     mostly sunny     overnight @ Nicktown.

This morning, Kathy was inside our house cleaning windows...before Bernie adds the screens on the windows.

Mother Nature was most kind to me on this sunny day as I did my checking & snooping around to make sure I had electricity going to both of the compressors...& pulling plugs & checking for any loose wiring, etc.

I talked to Chuck @ Newell, the parts man & asked him about some of the parts I'll need to have to make the fix; I'm not ready to order them yet....just want to be sure.

Dinner: Tuna steak, rice with golden raisins, spinach salad & corn on the cob.

Zack called late evening; he has been having back aches lately. Kathy gave him some suggestions as to what he might try; ie. sleeping on his side as opposed to his back, doing stretching exercises, perhaps getting a new mattress. We also talked about the TV program: hunting.

Lights out: 11:26pm.     

Awake: 7:03am     Temp 64     sleep 6+10     mist...rain & heavy @ times    overnight @ Nicktown.

This morning, I called Newell & talked to Jim, one of the upper end guys who works in the repair area; I told him my problem & then he passed me onto Robert & also to Jimmy.

Both techs then tried to resolve the problem of an air leak that just started over the weekend on our M.H. Both compressors don't run. So now, our air door is manual, the slide tubing will eventually go flat which means that I'll have to run the engine every so often to keep the pressure up, etc.

Unfortunately, off & on rain had me inside & out checking for voltage, continuity & any irregularity in regards to the air system. The compressors are located in the forward section of the coach in the basement below the driver. Many phone conversations & theories of: what's happened....continued throughout periods in the morning & afternoon.

The Newell guys in Miami, Oklahoma are good; they know their stuff & the company allows them time to help on problems like this because the company takes care of their clients.

I didn't make too much progress this day but I did hit the books on Saturday & Sunday to perhaps educate myself on the air system before I made the call today.

Kathy was in the house much of the morning & afternoon, organizing.

Dinner: pork chops, fried noodles, apple sauce, cherries & broccoli.

Lights out:10:55pm.  

Awake: 6:30am     Temp 66     sleep 6+39     rain...TRW's     overnight @ Nicktown.

We just happened to be near St. Nicholas church this morning when the new Bishop, Mark, who said the 10:30 Mass & was about to give the homily.

We were lucky to just sit down inside & listen. I liked the way he spoke & he seemed very sincere & a down to earth kind of guy.

Early afternoon, we continued opening boxes & placing their contents in the proper rooms, etc.

Dinner, salmon fish, rice, beets in sour cream with spinach, & cherries.

Late evening, Nick Skyped us & spent well over an hr getting my Fire Fox program to operate normal again. Not having it, was messing up my blogging. Now I must turn over some of my precious & classic Transformers to him at Christmas time for being so good & helping me so much!

Lights out: 12:53am.        

Awake: 5:12am     Temp 65     sleep 5+56     mostly sunny     overnight @ Nicktown.

We attended the KK meeting this morning. It's been awhile since we've seen our friends & neighbors, so it was good to be with them again.

We spent the afternoon in our house, opening boxes & re-distributing their contents in the proper places (we hope). Kathy also did (2) laundry loads, using (for the 1st time) her new Asto washer & dryer machine. Plus, she washed many & I mean many, glasses using the Mile dish washer. Then we attended the 6:00pm vigil Mass & afterward, we had some pizza & beer with John, Barry, & Theresa.

Tonight's movie: "Teahouse of the August Moon." We watched ½.

Lights out: 12:09am.

Awake: 6:16am      Temp 51       sleep 6+58      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

After a cup of coffee, we started moving boxes @ 8:45am.

                    This Tom Boy will stop @ nothing to open a suspicious package. DSC0001048.JPG      We started moving boxes @ 8:45am. Crates: #5, #6, & #7 were opened by 10:40am. DSC0001049.JPG We made (1) trip with Chuck's red truck & (1) with the Suzuki. Then we distributed the stuff to various places using the hand truck. Again, we had breakfast @ 1:30pm.

Then we loaded the red truck & Suzuki car again, brought the stuff back to our house & unloaded it all.

We are worn out. We did, however, have enough strength to talk with Gary & Rosemary for awhile.

Dinner: Tilapia fish, rice with golden raisins, mixed salad & cherries.

Lights out: 11:16pm.
Awake: 6:20am      Temp 56      sleep 6+16      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

We started @ 9:00am & opened (2) crate doors; it took (1 hr-20 min), still too long a time for just (2) crate doors.

                            Kathy opened (1) herself with a teeny bit of help. DSC0001042.JPG                 This is the latest inside storage look after last evening's maneuvering. DSC0001043.JPG We made (1) trip to the house with the Suzuki & Chuck's truck, unloaded each vehicle & then breakfast @ 1:30pm. Sky, one of the masonry helpers, on lunch break, fed our boxes to us from Chuck's truck to the house entry. That was very nice of him; he is slim but has muscle power. 

              Some of the used crates will be left outside the storage garage for now. DSC0001044.JPG From here, we motored in the Suzuki to the Foote Castle to help celebrate Gregory's 2nd birthday.

                                 In the Foote's back yard; here comes the cake. DSC0001045.JPG                       Gregory knows how to blow out the candles, all (2) of them. DSC0001046.JPG       Kathy embroidered this fire truck outline for Gregory's shirt along with a few other gifts. DSC0001047.JPG Gregory does not talk yet but he sure understands about 90% + of what's going on & what we say to him.

During Melissa & Matthew's time attending Thursday's Mass @ St. Thomas More, Kathy & I got about (7) more of our boxes from their basement, where they've been stored for yrs & finally will be brought to our home.

En route to Nicktown, we grocery shopped @ Wall-Mart.

My 1st cousin Joan left a message that her brother Ralph has a book published & wanted to know if I would like one. I called & left a message, "yes, I do want one & I want it signed by the author."

Dinner: clam chowder with oyster crackers, cherries, & bread.

Lights out: 11:18pm.
Awake: 5:42am      Temp 64      sleep 5+12      mostly sunny       overnight @ Nicktown.

After coffee, again we started around 9:00am. It took a good (45) min to finish getting #4 door open; but hey, having the Suzuki & a truck to fill up sure is faster.

                               Here I am using my brother's hand truck DSC0001039.JPG                              & here Kathy is using my brother's hand truck ....... DSC0001040.JPG                 & now I am using Chuck's truck which has benefited us immensely. DSC0001041.JPG We made (6) trips, had breakfast @ 1:20pm, & finished #4 create @ 2:30.

Reasonable box size & weight, we can handle; but when it comes down to the real heavy stuff, like armoire, china cabinet & base, dresser, heavy mechanical games, quad-runners, etc, we need help. And help may be on the way.

About 6:00pm, another angel came down the road driving a forklift; Byron is an experienced driver & precise maneuver-er. He picked up our church pew, put it in the bed of the truck & I drove it down close to our garage where he fork lifted it into our garage; from there, both neighbor Eric, Byron & I pushed it further into the game room; a temporary seating area.

Byron drove his forklift back in the dark.

Dinner...I can't remember.

We did call Melissa though regarding Gregory's birthday tomorrow.

Lights out: 12:04am.
Awake: 6:24am      Temp 65      sleep 6+41       off & on rain...heavy @ times overnight @ Nicktown.

After our coffee, we visited the storage building & I got right after opening another crate; it only took me (2) hrs. DSC0001036.JPG I needed better tools; here are some of the nails & staples that plastered the door shut. DSC0001037.JPG After that experience, I borrowed some better tools from my neighbor, Chuck, which helped a lot for the next crates & next, etc.

Meanwhile, during this time period, Danny & his side kick, from Hillman Appliances in Pittsburgh, finished putting the cook-top into place in the kitchen.

We probably made 11-or 12 trips today back & forth from storage to house using the Suzuki.

Our neighbor Chuck offered his truck to be more efficient, which we thankfully used it & agreed. We finished crate #3;

                                      I had a few things yet to do... DSC0001038.JPG so Kathy started taking screws, nails & staples out of crate # 4. She got about 1/3rd finished on the door start.

Later in the evening, Kathy talked with our friend Grace from Eastern PA, & later, I talked with my buddy Gary; they both wished me a belated "Happy Birthday." Thanks guys for that good call.

After dinner, my sister Corinne called & we updated each other on: "what's been happening?"

Dinner: Ono fish, broccoli, corn on the cob & cantaloupe.

Lights out: 11:30pm.

Awake: 6:25am     Temp 66     sleep 6+58     rain during the night     overnight @ Nicktown.

Early morning, Katrina called with birthday wishes from Denver. Now the birthday wishes are complete or so I thought.

At the KK meeting, the birthday song was sung, more cards & wishes, & special cake from Donna, etc. Wow!

Back in our M.H., I called my brother & asked if I could borrow his hand truck to help in moving boxes. We have a hand truck in storage but haven't seen it yet. Bro Don said, sure, & he would like to have some white concrete to patch up a small section of his outside wall. I simply asked the masonry boss man, Simon, & he gave me a small amount that should do the job.

Gary & Rosemary, returning from a wedding in Ohio, stopped in to see how our house is progressing so we gave them a quick tour & then, shortly afterward, cousin Cy visited. He will be storing some of his furniture at the garage, using our old crates; Kathy showed him the wrapping paper that our things have been packed in, which she had neatly folded, & suggested that he might also use the same wrapping paper. We loaded his truck down with paper & boxes; fortunately he had a cover to keep the paper from flying away.

Then we motored to Ebensburg, picked up my bro's hand truck, visited the thrift store, West End Market, & then returned to Nicktown.

Dinner: pulled pork with Rendezvous Bar-B-Q sauce, corn on the cob, mixed salad, zucchini, & toast.

Lights out: 11:43pm.                    


Awake: 7:30am      Temp 69      sleep 7+23      overnight rain      overnight @ Nicktown.

Melissa called early to wish me a: "Happy Birthday." We chatted a little but then we both had things to do. I thanked her for her wishes.

After our coffee, we went to the storage building & started opening the crates. The 1st & 2nd crates were not too bad for a start except that # (1) crate with our heavy games made it impossible for us to move out. DSC0001034.JPG                                # 2 crate was cleaned out just before 6:00pm. DSC0001035.JPG We made many trips back & forth to our house & storage using our Suzuki car.

Late evening, I discovered a call from Marge & Tom in Colorado with birthday wishes; it was too late to return the call.

Earlier my bro Don & Josie had good birthday wishes, & my Sister Corinne. Later, Nick Skyped us late evening.

Then Zack called with birthday wishes & we talked for a good (30) min.

My birthday celebration this year was a far cry from last year, but it's so nice hearing from my family & friends on my birthday; makes me feel good!

Dinner: tuna salad with Triscuits.

Lights out: 11:27pm.
Awake: 6:21am      Temp 67       sleep 5+54      rain       overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, we visited Krumenacker's Hardware store for decking material: composite or vinyl.

Next, we visited the post office where I found (3) birthday cards...& then we visited Mary Jean & paid our local taxes.

Late morning, our architect, Scott, & his 4th son, & father-in-law, toured our house. Scott did a good job of helping to design our airplane with

Mid afternoon, I made many trips filling the wheel-barrow with gravel to fill a rise into the north garage. Later, Basset, the company doing our brick work, brought in a skitter machine to easily pick up the pellets of bricks. DSC0001033.JPG Late afternoon, we were given a key to access the storage building so we could start getting our things in storage & bring them into our house.

We attended 6:00pm vigil Mass & then, had pizza & beer with John B.

Late movie: "Lost Horrizon." We watched ½.

Lights out: 12:07am.
Awake: 5:50am      Temp 67       sleep 5+54      cloudy, then rain      overnight @ Nicktown.

This morning, the main man from REA, Scott, is due to visit from Indiana, PA & reprogram our geo-system so the pipes won't freeze & sweat.

He spent nearly an hr looking things over, & getting his numbers to reprogram over the phone from the office in Indiana, PA.

Mid afternoon, K & I motored to the Foote Castle to help celebrate Nathan's 4th birthday. Of course, we spent some time getting updated with all the activities the Foote boys find to do:

                               like Andrew wearing Kathy's earrings: DSC0001024.JPG                                And Nathan wearing Kathy's earrings: DSC0001025.JPG Moira enjoys pulling Gregory around the yard & without a doubt, Gregory doesn't miss the opportunity for a free ride. DSC0001026.JPG                         And now, we begin celebrating Nathan's 4th birthday. DSC0001027.JPG                         And since it's his birthday, he gets to cut his own cake. DSC0001028.JPG Nearly all the boys are fans of cars, excavators, trains, airplanes, etc. So Nathan gets a very nice excavator from his parents. DSC0001029.JPG             And from Kathy & I, a motorcycle. Now that stirred up some competition. DSC0001030.JPG                  Gregory thought the motorcycle was for him & all .....broke loose! DSC0001031.JPG           But wait, there's more....a bomber dropping bubbles?  Look real close. DSC0001032.JPG
Mid afternoon, my cousin Florentz visited; he brought some home grown zucchini & home grown corn on the cob. We like it when he has more veggies than he can eat.

Later, my pal Ray called from ....Washington State. Then my sister, Mary Jo called to wish me a: "Happy Birthday." She wanted to beat the rush before the callers on Sunday. Oh, good planning Mary Jo. You are # 1.

Dinner: Tuna salad & Triscuits.

Lights out: 12:27am.
Awake: 6:21am       Temp 69      sleep 6+27      mostly cloudy      overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, I checked the Geo-system & set the temp for the main floor @ 73 degrees & the basement @ 70 degrees. The geo-system doesn't run very often.

Late morning, we motored to Barnesboro, topped off the Suzuki's fuel tank, & continued on to Hastings out of curiosity; then Carrolltown & Brian's office for our semi-annual health checkup.

Next, we motored to Indiana, PA to, 1st, get my Social Security card (my original is in storage), & then sit in line @ the drivers license bureau in the Indiana, Mall.

                           I too, am changing my residency from Alaska photo ...
Being born & raised in PA, I had lots of local proof to show Ed, the agent, so it didn't take long for the finish. I wanted to be legal before my Alaska driver's license expired on Sunday.

Early evening, John B visited briefly on his good looking Harley Davidson; we were eating dinner so I invited John to join us but he said he wasn't very clean.

Dinner: Zucchini pasta with ricotta & some cantaloupe.

Lights out: 11:56pm.
Awake: 6:15am       Temp 67       sleep 7+15      gentle rain       overnight @ Nicktown.

K & I motored to Carrolltown & Brian's office to give a blood sample in prep for tomorrow's appointment. En route to Nicktown, we stopped @ the thrift store in Spangler & Western Auto in Barnesboro. By the time we returned, we had (5) trucks on our driveway: (2) from REA; the other REA truck had just pulled out. DSC0001016.JPG            They are installing a new hydronic pump on the Geo-system; it's the red pump. DSC0001017.JPG                           A mason & mason helper was from the Basset truck. DSC0001018.JPG                                     Security team Ted & Randy... DSC0001019.JPG              & builders Bob & Nathan.

                                Here is the control panel for the security system. DSC0001020.JPG              24 hr surveillance via cameras & computer systems; outside & inside. DSC0001021.JPG Dinner: leftover filled peppers, cherries, & Como bread.

About 11:00pm....heavy rain. We Skyped Nick & wished him a very: "Happy 33rd Birthday." On my 33rd birthday, I had just joined Federal Express in Little Rock, AR. At that time, we had no kids,& no house; Nick @ 33 has 2 kids, a house & works for a great company. Wow! What a difference. 
Lights out: 11:54pm.
Awake: 5:22am      Temp: 65       sleep 5+32      fog....sunny       overnight @ Nicktown.
Today, Bob & Nathan & later Bernie, changed the exhaust route for the cook-top. Not much to see but this is inside the cabinet underneath the cook-top. DSC0001011.JPG                              And this is the downdraft (exhaust blower). DSC0001012.JPG                                Here is the cook-top, soon to be installed. DSC0001013.JPG Later, Kathy walked to the church hall & helped make the last batch of noodles for the annual picnic this year.

 Not feeling comfortable about Al's trailer lights not working, I took my Fluke meter & tools over to Al's truck to figure out what's really happening? DSC0001014.JPG Ah, this is the problem: rust & a dead ground connection & I don't have the tools to get that nut off & cleaned up. DSC0001015.JPG Dinner: Zucchini pasta with ricotta, corn on the cob, a peach & cantaloupe.

Lights out: 11:00pm.
Awake: 6:02am      Temp 67      sleep 6+10      sunny       overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, we visited the brick masons & their helpers. A lot of brick is tossed out due to not being suitable; this split-face brick is double wide & smooth on the inside, but when broken in half, a lot just do not cut the mustard. DSC0001010.JPG After breakfast, John B & I walked over to neighbor Al's house & attempted to hook his trailer lights up to his truck. John & I fiddled around trying to get those lights working for over an hr with no success. Finally, we gave up for the day & will try sometime later.  

Meanwhile, Kathy was painting (2) toiletry cabinets & light boxes, giving them approximately (2) coats each.

Later, we cut each other's hair down in the basement garage. After looking in the mirror & all around, she told me: looks good....& I let her know that my haircut was good also.

Dinner: Tilapia fish, cherries, Waldorf salad, rice with golden raisins.

Zack called while driving home from work; I don't remember what subjects we covered but it was good conversation.

Lights out: 11:50pm.
Awake: 6:55am      Temp 61      sleep 5+59      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Most of my morning was taken up on the computer; then early afternoon, we motored to the Foote Castle. The boys were all inside when we arrived.

I brought a gallon of antifreeze with me, filled the Ford van's radiator with a 50/50 % solution, ran the engine & let it idle for a good (20) min. Everything was looking good until the temp went beyond the limits. We think the temperature sensor is bad.

Kevin told me that he knows where a brand new sensor is: in the basement along where some other parts are located. I had forgotten all about the back-up parts I had for the van. Sure enough, there they were.

The boys were quite excited to have the van looked @ for traveling again. Kevin says he will take the van & the sensor to the Ford dealer to have them repair it.

Next, we watched some back-yard playing with the boys following Moira (Tom boy next door) & how she is somewhat the leader of the pack. DSC0001008.JPG                                 Upstairs, we had some fun with the boys also. DSC0001009.JPG Later, we changed clothes & did some grocery shopping @ Wal-Mart & then returned to Nicktown.
Dinner: corn on the cob & tuna salad on spinach.

Lights out: 11:54pm.
Awake: 6:22am     Temp 68     sleep 6+07     overcast    Overnight @ Nicktown. This morning, we watched (2) brick mason helpers spend hrs loading the scaffolding with brick in readiness for Monday's workday; plus, moving the scaffolding to the south side. Hard workers they are. 

 Meanwhile, Kathy's angel was helping neighbor Shirley, so Kathy walked over & helped Carol; pretty nice of them.

For me, I cleaned out (3) of my desk drawers in the motorhome to keep the organization moving.

Dinner: Chicken, corn on the cob, rice & raisins.  

We finished the movie: Cry, "The Beloved Country" with Canada Lee, Charles Carson, Sidney Poitier, Geoffrey Keen, etc. Simple back-country minister journeys to Johannesburg in search of his son, while fate links his path with that of a wealthy, bigoted white landowner. Heart-rending story. 1951. Slow but well done.

Lights out: 12:56am.


Awake: 6:23am Temp 69 sleep 6+25 sunny overnight @ Nicktown. Ted, the high tech guy, spent around (3) hrs today. Now they are very close to finishing the security system. DSC0001005.JPG Bernie, our builder, visited; He is on muscle relaxants & pain pills. His doctor wants him to not do any work for a few weeks.

My brother called & invited us to join them for the Ebensburg town picnic tomorrow; I had to decline due to our need to get things done, plus I had to promise to join them next yr with no excuses, so I should mark that date on next yrs calendar.

Flash news: Today, Melissa found out that her next a Girl! Due date: early October. That will certainly bring some big changes to the Foote Family. We are elated.

               Kathy spent 3.5 hrs painting medicine cabinets & inside doors today. DSC0001006.JPG          Bob visited & is doing some needed work like: changing our front door handle.

Our sunny day turned on the water around 2:40pm with heavy rain & flickering lights.

Dinner: Penny pasta with sausage & zucchini & sweet peppers.

After dinner, we watched ½ of the movie: "Cry the Beloved Country."

Lights out: 12:15am.
Awake: 6:52am      Temp 69      sleep 6+45 & on with heavy downpours overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, I called Verizon about my cost per services. I was passed on to a young man; first we had trouble with passwords, but after that, this young man gave me info on my services like never before. Like, what do I pay for month for our DirectTV service? Our High speed Internet? Our Cell Phone service? Our landline phone service? Etc.

Quite a few times I've called Verizon & asked these same questions without getting a solid answer. It was refreshing to find out for sure.

              Here is another angle of our parking spot. Bricks are almost everywhere! DSC0001003.JPG In our house without wheels, Ted gave me a demo on how the security system works. Some of this is over my head...but I was impressed.

   How about a picture of Kathy? she has been working a lot this week & can take a short nap just about anywhere. DSC0001004.JPG Dinner: Tilapia fish over basil pasta, broccoli, & cherries.

Lights out: 11:58pm.
 Awake: 6:38am     Temp 58     sleep 7+05     sunny     overnight @ Nicktown.

Oh, the bricking crew have turned the corner & the scaffolding & bricks are looking into our motorhome. 

                  We are parked in #2 campsite for easy access to our house.


Meanwhile, Kathy motored to Ebensburg for needed groceries. I made another call to Verizon to confirm that the tech support guy will be here today; they estimated:

When Kathy returned, she walked to the church hall & helped bag up the dried noodles.

Next, the tech support guy arrived about
4:35pm. He asked a few questions & looked at our current phone layout & then, got out his handy dandy, high tech probe & within minutes, found out where the signal stopped; right near campsite #1. Apparently, the gadget that smashes two buttons together to connect a wire was not very well connected & he simply re-cut & squeezed that button connection back together again.

Phones all work, high-speed Internet works, I am happy. Just a little button that loosened up caused all that frustration. He was a nice guy though....& he had a good sense of humor.
My cousin Florentz paid us a short visit en route to visit one of his brothers.

Dinner: Stuffed peppers, cherries &
Como toast.

Nick, on his way home from work, called for Kathy; it's her turn to talk with Nick.

Lights out:

Awake: 6:03am      Temp 65      sleep 7+00    fog ...mostly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Kathy had noodle making this morning & I got the OK from the storage owners to get most of our boxed stuff (not the crated stuff) out of storage...I started @ 8:20am & finished around noon time. In fact, Kathy was walking into the driveway as I was putting the last load of boxes into our house; (33 all together; big & small...more heavy than light).
I had to climb up the ladder for all of them; (2) were so heavy, I brought (2) empty boxes to share the weight & avoid injury. Later, Kathy did (3) loads of laundry.

Before dinner, K & I walked around back of the house to check on the bricking process;it appears that about 50% is finish,


Dinner: Leftover Reuben sandwich with cherries, mango, & spinach salad.

Nick called while walking home from work; (26 min of good talk).

I called my buddy Gary C. & we updated each other for (19) min.

Lights out: 11:33pm.

Awake: 6:33am      Temp 72     sleep 6+11    heavy rain then gentle    overnight @ Nicktown.

1st thing this morning, I called Verizon to come & fix our phone line & high-speed Internet.

Next, I called Scott in Indiana, PA to let him know that (1) of the Hydronic pump's on the Geo-thermo system had a problem so I locked it out. He let me know that (2) of their guys are in our area & will stop in & check it out.

Meanwhile, Kathy went for a Mammogram & returned shortly after 11:00am.

And just before noon time, the REA guys showed up & sure enough, they ran the geo system & agreed that the Hydronic pump is caput.They will order (2) replacements. DSC000998.JPG After a short gab with Kathy, she excused herself & visited her Angel for awhile.

Dinner: Salmon with balsamic vinegar, asparagus, salad & cherries.

Lights out: 11:03pm.

Awake: 6:38am     Temp 73     sleep 6+48     a short burst of rain     overnight @ Nicktown.

After breakfast, we brought more things from our M.H. into our house. I also turned the geo unit on to air condition the main floor.

Later, I spent some more time troubleshooting the phone failure. This time I think I've finally found the problem & believe it to be the fault of the phone company, which is why, I spent so much time figuring it out. If it's my fault, I pay for the fix; if it's their fault: no charge.

Dinner: Reuben sandwich, 4-bean salad, cherries & chips.

My cousin Cyril paid us a visit; much talk about He & Jan temporarily moving back to the homestead near Nicktown.

Mary Jo called from CA; we cut our talk short due to Cyril's visit & will connect with Mary Jo another time.  

Tonight's movie: "Boys Night Out" with Kim Novak, James Garner, Tony Randall, Howard Duff, Janet Blair, Patti Page, Zsa Zsa Gabor, etc. Trio of married men and bachelor Garner decide to set up an apartment equipped with Novak. Some interesting innuendos, with comic relief from Blair, Page, and Gabor. 1962. Interesting & amusing.

Lights out: 12:22am.

Awake: 5:56am       Temp 70      sleep 5+51       sunny & hot      overnight @ Nicktown.

Our KK meeting was so interesting this morning, most of us stayed for 1.5 hrs.

Later, Kathy & I moved more boxes from our M.H. into our house. Then I turned the geothermal unit on for (1) hr of cool air.

Next, @ 1:15pm, we motored to the Foote Castle for a visit. I brought along (3) different screwdrivers of the Torx variety; Matthew called us before we left home & requested a different screwdriver that he could use to get small motors from a defunct printer.

Interestingly a small boy I also liked to collect small motors for many different occasions; so my Torx drivers did the job & Matthew was well pleased.

            Later, the boys exhibited their new specs. Witness a Photo of Nathan; DSC000995.JPG                              Here we have the new & quite relaxed Andrew; DSC000996.JPG                          And left to right, Matthew, Nathan, Gregory & Andrew. DSC000997.JPG                               It was good to see the Foote Family again.

Then we returned to Nicktown & walked to church & attended the vigil 6:00pm Mass. Afterward, Barry, John, Kathy & I had some pizza with beer & plenty of talk.

Lights out: 11:50pm.
Awake: 5:54am      Temp 76      sleep 5+49       sunny & hot     overnight @ Nicktown.

After the KK meeting, Kathy motored downtown to Barnesboro for more empty boxes.  

Meanwhile, whatever I did, our computers are getting some signals but still, no phone dial tone. Also, our high-tech Silver Leaf electronic readout in our M.H. is goofy; instead of reading 4-5 choices, it bounces back & forth on 2 choices. I called Mark in Albany, Oregon & we talked about how to handle this problem. He suggested like a computer, "reboot" but otherwise, I might have to send it to them for repair. DSC000994.JPG After Kathy returned with more boxes, I emptied a few of my desk drawers out & moved quite a few of my clothes & other things from my closet & put them in the guest closet.

It's very hot in our house now so I turned on the geothermal air conditioning for cool air....main floor & basement. Bedrooms cooled off fine but it took longer for the main Hex to cool down.

Dinner: Ono fish, rice & raisins, asparagus & cherries.

Lights out: 12:05am.

Awake: 5:21am     Temp 73     sleep 5+38     sunny & hot    overnight @ Nicktown.

Our phones are still not working; before going to the KK, I went outside & talked with a few brick layers. They all seem like good workers.

At the KK meeting, we were happy to see the gang again & we think, vise versa. However we have to leave early due to Blume's arriving @ 9:15am this morning.


After cutting some granite, Mike placed the cook-top in the middle of the counter; now it awaits installation.  

Next, I spent hrs trying to find out if our M.H. is the source of our phone problems; I checked the filters, the lines coming in & the phones themselves to no avail. I'm not finished so I'll be thinking of other ideas in troubleshooting.

Dinner: Balsamic chicken with baby spinach & orzo, & cherries.

After dinner, using boxes, Kathy went thru her closets & picked out many sweaters & clothing to take & store inside our house.

Lights out: 12:05am.   

Awake: 6:10am     Temp 78     sleep 6+10     fog....sunny     overnight @ Greenfield, Indiana.

We both had a good night's sleep so after our coffee, we left the Heartland Resort @ 8:19am, continuing on I-70 east. Down the road a bit, we decided to make a stop @ Wal-Mart in Reynoldsburg, Ohio for some milk & a few other items so that when we arrive in Nicktown, we won't have to go grocery shopping the next day.

Kathy stretched her legs & went into Joann's Fabric store to check out their buttons for future use on free hand embroidered shirts for our grandkids.

Then we continued following I-70 going thru Washington, PA & bypassing Pittsburgh & eventually @ Youngwood, PA, took a short toll road which connected to U.S. Route-22 to I-219 north; then a short stretch on U.S.-422 east, & State road-553 to Nicktown....arriving home @ 5:32pm.

We wanted to try this route of bypassing Pittsburgh but, I doubt that we will do it again. We also fueled up @ Bentleyville, PA, getting 165 gal of diesel @ $4.09 per gal. My 1st time of paying over $4.00 a gal for diesel fuel for the motorhome.

Today's travel: 421 miles    behind the wheel=7+57    69 gal used    6.1 mpg    53 avg speed. 

(2) stops en route. Total mileage out & back = 3,455 miles.

After parking our coach, we both looked over the brickwork the guys have done. It's looking good. Then we started to take many things out of our M.H., & put them in our house.

Dinner: Crab cakes, asparagus, rice with golden raisins, mixed salad & a peach.

We called Melissa on our cell phone & found out that she is getting better.

We finished watching the "Dream Wife" with Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Walter Pidgeon, Betta St. John, etc. Silly bedroom farce about Grant's engagement to Middle Eastern princess and interference from his former fiancée Kerr, a state Dept. official. Cast is wasted. 1953. ½ of a star & yes, the cast was wasted.

Lights out: 11:43pm.  

Awake: 6:20am Temp 80 sleep 6+36 sunny overnight @ Paxico, Kansas. We found out that this place is a neat & small historic town; population 207. DSC000992.JPG We did witness (2) trains passing on different tracks but during the night, Kathy heard nothing. However, I was awakened from a dead sleep by a fast moving train this morning; it was about my usual wake up time anyway. Here are the double tracks that we were parked so close to. DSC000991.JPG My camera has been on Eastern Standard Time but we did leave Paxico @ 8:05am & continued heading east on I-70. We had a small toll when going through Topeka, Kansas but the roads were smooth & traffic moved swiftly.

When we started heading northeast on I-70 in Illinois, the roads were not good...& not good thru Indiana as well. Just as bad as (2) yrs ago!

Kathy called ahead for our next campground: the Heartland Resort in Greenfield, Indiana. This will be our 3rd visit @ this campground so it's been tested & approved by us.

We arrived @ 6:09pm. Today's travel: 594 miles no stops.... time behind the wheel= 10+09 88 gal used 6.8 mpg avg speed= 59

Dinner: Reuben sandwich, 4 bean salad with chips.

After dinner, we watched ½ of the movie: "Dream Wife."

Lights out: Midnight.

Awake: 6:28     Temp 67     sleep 7+01     sunny     overnight @ Flying Saucer Campground. 

We talked with Melissa @ 7:20am for about (20) min to find out if anything has changed with her status? She's still very tired & not feeling much better. 

After that call, Kathy called Bob, the builder, to let him know that we have (2) more cabinets to hang. Bob also clued us in on the bricking & on the security system. 

We left the Flying Saucer Campground @ 8:56am...heading east across town, south on I-25 for a short time & then east on I-70. We had (1) stop for fuel in Oakley, Kansas; 164.3 gal @ $3.97 per gal. 

Our next stop was Paxico, Kansas arriving @ 6:08pm. We found the Mill Creek campground office, paid our camping fee for the night: ($27.00), & proceeded to have dinner: leftover cod fish with rice & tuna salad from the Macaroni Grill on Friday. 

Today's travel: 518 miles     time behind the wheel= 8+47     80 gal used     6.5 mpg     avg speed 60. 

Coming into this campground, we crossed over double tracks that were a mere (100) feet from where we parked. And, we were told that those trains are very active day & night. Oops, how well will we sleep tonight? We didn't get any satellite signals from space due to too many trees so we watched a recorded documentary. 

Basically we were pretty tired & lights out: 11:44pm.   

Awake: 8:05am      Temp 71      sleep 8+16      sunny      overnight @ Flying Saucer Campground. 

 Melissa called; she was not feeling well & contributes her status to lack of sleep over their (2) weeks of vacationing. Kathy recommended she gargle with salt water to help relieve her sore throat & use lozenges to help control the cough. 
Later, Marge called & told us the gathering today would be @ 2:00pm @ Kathy & Chris's house & later we would all go to Rob's for a cookout. 
Then we motored over to Costco & this time, we stocked our freezer with perishables like fish, meat, veggies, etc. 

Later, we called Rosemary & Gary in PA to wish them a Happy Anniversary & Rosemary, a Happy Birthday. 
Next, we motored to Kathy & Chris, where the women's soccer game was drawing watchers. DSC000986.JPG A couple hours later we were off to Marge & Tom's youngest son, Rob's for that backyard BBQ.                                              
                                     Photo of Rob & Kelly's home. DSC000987.JPG               While we were waiting for Rob's hotdogs, hamburgers, kielbasas, etc DSC000988.JPG                      we sat in a ring formation & enjoyed just being together again. DSC000989.JPG From left to right: Marge, Tom, Jay, my empty chair, Carol, Kathy, & the newly married couple: Kathy & Chris. 
Tom & Marge's 2nd son, Mike, & his wife Kathy, have adopted a son from Asia & since this young man is quite knowledge about handling animals, here is Joey scolding the dogs who just might be misbehaving in front of a crowd. DSC000990.JPG Rob's BBQ was the best we've had in a long time & with that comment, we started to say our goodbyes & thank you. 

It was another wonderful wedding with a lot of good people & fun times. I'm sure the ladies will be planning our next gathering somewhere, somehow if at all possible. 
Lights out: 11:27pm.
Awake: 4:55am      Temp 64      sleep 5+37       sunny       overnight @ Flying Saucer Campground, Denver, CO. 
After our coffee & a Kathy muffin, we motored to the nearby town of: Littleton, CO & the Lowe's store. We purchased (2) more medicine cabinets & added them with the other (2) that we bought in Hillsboro, Ohio earlier on this trip. 
Next, a little grocery shopping @ Costco for non-perishable items. Then back to our M.H. to dress for the wedding of Kathy & Chris. We joined the crowd @ St. Vincent De Paul church in Denver. 

  Here is the happy mother-of-the bride being escorted down the isle by her oldest son, John. DSC000980.JPG               And here we have the bride & groom, getting ready to exchange rings. DSC000983.JPG                        Congratulations to Kathy & Chris & to the rest of the family. DSC000984.JPG This was another occasion (the 2nd wedding in a month) for Kathy to reunite with her high school friends, Marge (mother of the bride), Carol & her husband, Jay, & Sylvia (Joyce was not able to make it). 
During our waiting time for the reception to start @ the University Club in downtown Denver, we visited Carol & Jay in their hotel room & then K & I, plus Sylvia walked to the Cathedral & attended the 4:00pm vigil Mass. That Cathedral & the Mass were beautiful. 
Aside from some very hot weather we all dealt with, the wedding ceremony, the reception & the meal with wine + entertainment were all great. 

We, along with Carol & Jay, & Sylvia were honored to be seated with the parents of the bride & to meet & greet so many fine people, some who we knew & many who we did not. 
We were back in our motorhome by 11:25pm & lights out: 11:49pm.
Awake: 5:22am      Temp 74      sleep 7+32      overcast & then sunny      overnight @ Goodland, Kansas. 
After our coffee, we left Goodland @ 6:12am & continued on I-70 west. I-70 is a splendid highway going west; going east on I-70 is good until about (30) miles before St. Louis, MO, & then going north east into Illinois, & east thru Indiana, & parts of Ohio...not so good. 
We did make a boo-boo coming into Denver, my Princess Pioneer GPS wanted to go across town & ....... Kathy's Lady Garmin GPS had her taking I-25 north & then south, completely encircling the city. I-25 was very slow. Ugh! 

Anyway, we arrived @ the Flying Saucer campground @ 9:53am. This will be the 4th time we have camped here & this time, our campsite area was all taken up with other campers, 5th wheelers, etc. So it took awhile for us to try something different. We visited the campground manager & had (2) campsites that we thought might work for our motorhome; well, she was ahead of us & suggested (2) other campsites that we have never even thought of. The only catch was getting our M.H. in & parked. 
The locals were gathering for this show; I must admit, since I've been driving this M.H. with the European mirrors, I am a bad backer upper & those watchers got their money's worth. Kathy knows my downfalls on this matter & really does her best to correct my goofs.

This was the best campsite yet @ the Flying Saucer, so look out you neighbors, we will be back.
DSC000972.JPG Today's travel: 205 miles time @ the wheel 4+53 fuel used= 35 gal mpg= 5.9 avg speed= 42  

Meanwhile, we wanted to get in touch with Katrina before she leaves to go on her Canada trip. After a few phone calls back & forth, we agreed to meet @ Starbucks @ 2:00pm. She will be biking over as it's just down the hill from her condo. Kathy brought her Apple Computer to the Starbuck's store, so she could use the wireless signals & find out what's happening on her e-mail & other things. All the time @ Newell, Kathy could get Facebook, but could not get e-mail working on wireless. She is hoping that Katrina can help her as I cannot. 
                                  Oh, who is that coming thru the door? DSC000975.JPG Ah ha, it's our Katrina. In no time @ all, Katrina had the Apple spitting out e-mail, although with a few glitches that they could not remedy. We sat there for (2) hrs, catching up on each others lifestyle, talking, etc & then, she & we had to get going. DSC000976.JPG It was good to be with her for the short time & we wished her Bon Voyage & fun times with her friends. DSC000977.JPG While there we also contacted Kathy's friend, Carol & her husband, Jay, & agreed to meet at the church this evening. Then we were off to search for more Medicine cabinets for our house @ the nearby Lowe's. That Lowe's didn't have any but they gave us the addresses of (2) other Lowe's stores that did. We didn't have the time to drive there now so maybe tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, back @ the Flying Saucer, we changed clothes & attended the rehearsal of Chris & Kathy @ St. Vincent De Paul church in Denver, CO. DSC000978.JPG              We visited with Marge & Tom (Kathy's parents), her brothers & their wives. 

Afterward, Carol & Jay joined us for dinner @ the Macaroni Grill. The wine was great, the food delicious & the company...outstanding. Tomorrow is the wedding. 
Lights out: 11:18pm.
Awake: 4:45am      outside temp 78      sleep 5+40      sunny      overnight @ the Newell factory. 
Jimmy kept his word; as soon as the horn blew, he came over & installed the cover for the Home Theater. It looks a lot better having the cover. No photo @ this time. 

Of course, we had to go into the customer's lounge & go through the Service Order for each & every fix we had. After paying the piper & attaching our tow car, & saying our good-byes, we left the Newell service center @ 8:45am following U.S.- 69 east to U.S.- 400 west to Wichita, Kansas. Then I-35 north to I-70 west to Goodland, Kansas ....arriving @ the Wal-Mart @ 5:40 pm. 
We parked away from most of the activity & settled down for the evening. 
Dinner: Tuna salad with chips & a peach. Goodland's temperature was still in the low 90's so we sat outside where we had a breeze & people watched for a good hr. Before it got too late, I made a short cell phone call to John B. & let him know that we were on the road again. 

As the sky darkened, so did the chance of rain & sure enough, it rained & brought that temp down quite a bit for better sleeping.
DSC000971.JPG Today's travel: 514 miles time @ the wheel= 8+57 fuel used= 84 gal mpg= 6.1 avg speed= 57. (1) stop for Mother Nature & a check on the equipment.
Lights out: 10:40pm.
Awake: 5:40am      inside temp 81    sleep 7+04      outside...rain     overnight in service bay.  

John informed me that my steering tag axle unit needed to be updated. On our trip to Newell, twice I had a notice on my glass dash that the steering axle needed attention, so I wrote it up. He told me that the ¼" ball valve broke & started to leak. He changed over the system to quick connects, replaced the pressure switch & pressured the system. DSC000967.JPG Almost every glitch has been taken care of now...except our KVH, which was not getting satellites; we had to be outside to check this out. After we got parked in the campground, Jimmy came into our coach & started troubleshooting our satellite system. DSC000968.JPG About (20) min later, he told us he couldn't update this system. It had a defective multi switch power supply. DSC000969.JPG Jimmy was inside & outside & on the roof checking the satellite hunter. He then decided to bypass the multi switch since we were only using (2) satellite receivers. DSC000970.JPG After all the extra wires, transformers & switches that were not needed were removed from our home theater area, the KVH was working again. 

Jimmy asked if we wanted to have a cover around the home theater system & we said: OK. He quickly took some measurements & told us he would have it in tomorrow morning.This guy is good!

Dinner: Tilapia fish, corn on the cob, noodles, & a salad. 
Late evening, I talked with my buddy Ray in Washington State; he told me that he had a little miss-hap: he stumbled & fell off his motorcycle & injured a rib. So the doctor told him to lay-off the bike jumps for a few weeks. 
Lights out: 11:05pm.
Awake: 5:40an      Temp 85 inside the service bay      sleep 5+42      sunny outside     overnight in our M.H. in the service bay.  

After looking & talking about my (4) driving tires & the date on them (almost (5) years) & the cracks on the sidewalls, I thought it would be best to replace them with (4) brand new Michelins. Very expensive! DSC000966.JPGThis afternoon, Kathy took (3) hrs & checked out the city of Miami, OK. Nothing much has changed she told me. 

Meanwhile, Randy is working on our bedroom ceiling mirror which started to have another crack...since the last time we had it replaced. No charge on this repair. 

Some of my other repairs are: nozzle for sewer hose was replaced; ice cube maker line was repaired & checked. Whitey fixed both of those glitches. 

Pull handle on lower refer was very loose; Randy removed the door, tightened the handle & reinstalled door on upper & lower doors. 

Roger had to completely pressure down our dash air-conditioning system & then added 4.5 lbs of Freon. 

Dinner: leftover stew, Como break & a peach. In the customer lounge, K & I watched some of our political programs in the evening. 

Lights out: 10:36pm.

Awake: 4:50am     Temp 81     sleep 5+08     sunny-hot    overnight @ the Newell campground. 

About 7:00am, technician Tracy came over to our M. H. & drove it to the dump station & then into bay parking. 

Whitey & Jimmy, techs,  got right after some of our glitches; Whitey on the cracked pipe I had during the winter; and Jimmy, on replacing the air seals on the front air bags. 

Whitey also replaced my Teddy Heater with a new one after I had trouble with the old one during the winter. Later, Jimmy painted our passenger slide edges with a sealant to prevent water leaks in the future. 

Later, the temperature in the service building was so hot: 103 degrees. Many coaches were running their air conditioners to help keep the techs somewhat cool & somewhat comfortable. So much electricity was being used, not only by the service techs, welders, & the building of new motorhomes in the other buildings, but also in the city of Miami, Oklahoma

The voltage was in the lower 100's. I turned our air conditioning off during the high load period & later in the afternoon, back on. 

Dinner: Sausage, peppers, onions & mushrooms & broccoli plus Como bread dipped in balsamic vinegar & olive oil. 

On our recorded DVR, we watched 1/3rd of the movie: "High Flight." 

Lights out: 11:58pm.           

Awake: 6:35am     Temp 80     sleep 6+25     sunny-windy overnight @ the Newell Factory in Miami, OK

After our coffee, I climbed my ladder & started to clean off our roof with soap & water; (approx 2 hrs later) I finished. The roof's color is white again. 

After breakfast, K & I washed the driver's side of our coach in the shade; that took slightly over an hr. Temp now was in the 90's, but breezy.

We took a well deserved break inside our air conditioned M.H., and then, continued washing the coach on the passenger side; that took 1.5 hrs. And the finish: back & front, another 1.2 hrs. All together, it took about (6) hrs to do a reasonably good clean-up on our home on wheels. 

Speaking of wheels, I didn't have enough go power to shine up the rims. After another cool break, Kathy wanted me to cut her hair. 1st, we walked over to the service center & found a spot where a strong ceiling light would be suitable for cutting hair; this same spot had a good sized fan nearby for cooling + an outlet to plug in the clippers. 

Minutes before Kathy found the "right spot", my sister, Mary Jo, called from California & I had to let her know that I couldn't talk very long as a lady was in waiting & she wanted action...pronto! 

After washing her hair & spiffing it up, Kathy let me know that: I did fine. 

Dinner: Leftover hamburger with a mixed salad. 

We finished watching: "Captain Horatio Hornblower" with Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty, Denis O'Dea, Christopher Lee, etc. Exciting, well-produced sea epic based on C.S. Forester's British naval hero of the Napoleonic wars. 1951. A good story & some great acting. 

Lights out: 10:52pm

Awake: 5:40am     Temp 75     sleep 5+54     sunny & hot     overnight @ St. Robert, MO. 

It was a hot night for both of us; we had our windows open & fortunately there was a little breeze. 

We delayed breakfast & left St. Robert @ 7:24am...following I-44 south, a very smooth Interstate. We had (1) stop for fuel: in Joplin, MO. Flying "J". 172 gal @ $3.80 per gal. Our breakfast along the way was eating dry cereal. 

We arrived @ Miami, Oklahoma & the Newell factory @ 11:20am. There were only (2) campsites with water available; after that site is taken, one would have to park with only electricity & that happens a lot. 

Our parking spot was not the best due to having a tree & the limbs blocking our satellite signals. @ 5:00pm, we attended the vigil Mass @ Sacred Heart church about a mile down the road. After Mass, we treated ourselves to a delicious big hamburger with pasta salad & French fries @ the Stonehill Grill on Main Street in town. In fact, we took a doggy bag back with us as it was too much to eat.

 When we returned, another campsite opened up that was in the clear so to speak. We quickly retracted our slides & moved right into that site. 

Evening movie: "Captain Horaitio Hornblower." We watched 1/2. 

Today's travel: 186 miles     3+36 time     30 gal used     6.2 mpg     52 mph avg speed. 

Lights out: 12:10am.


Awake: 5:52am     Temp 69     sleep 6+20     heavy rain & TRW's     overnight @ Hillsboro, Ohio

This was the 1st time that we retracted our slides while raining. I was expecting to see water dripping onto the carpet but, none. The sweepers on the slides must have worked. 

We each had a Kathy muffin & then we left Hillsboro, Ohio @ 8:02am following  U.S.-50 with our windshield wipers keeping our windshield relatively clear. At one point, in the State of Indiana, we changed over to I-64 to go through St. Louis & take I-44 south & find a suitable Wal-Mart for the night.Kathy looked through the Wal-Mart book & located a Super Wal-Mart, made another phone call & talked to the Night Manager & got the OK tor spend the night. 

We arrived in the town of St. Robert @ 6:45pm; parked our M.H.near the Big Truck area & then walked into Wal-Mart to cool ourselves off & get some exercise. Today the temp was 20 degrees lower than Hillsboro, Ohio; our last stop. However, it was still hot!  Dinner:Leftover Tuna salad with apple slices & chips. Driving time=9+53 hrs  551 miles     90 gal used     6.1 mpg     56 avg speed. Lights out: 10:06pm. 

Awake: 5:47am      Temp 68      sleep 6+37      cloudy      overnight @ Nicktown. 
We both ate a Kathy muffin for breakfast & then left Nicktown @ 8:07am taking state road-553 to U.S.-219 south: DSC000965.JPG to Maryland & then I-68 up & down the hills (been here before) to our 1st fuel station @ "Pilot" in Grantsville, Maryland. 

123 gallons @ $3.95 per gallon. We took this route to get on: U.S.-50. Kathy found out that this route goes all the way from Ocean City, Maryland to the West Coast. Once we started traveling on this highway, it was like a freeway. Smooth, scenic, sometimes (4) lanes & sometimes (2). 

After some (200) miles, we only passed (2) signals & that was a new road crossing. Our dash air conditioning was low on Freon so we drove with the generator running due to the "Hot" weather. We planned our stop for the night in Hillsboro, Ohio @ a Wal-Mart. 381 miles 7+20 hrs 70 gal of fuel avg speed 48 mph & 5.4 miles per gallon.
We went into Wal-Mart to buy some fruit & then Kathy spotted a Lowe's store coming out. She liked the Medicine Cabinets that we purchased on Monday so much that she wanted to buy (4) more. So she walked over to Lowe's & purchased (2) (all they had) for the same discounted price. We put them in the back seat. Temp over 90 degrees. Ugh! 
Dinner: Tuna salad with fresh peaches & chips. 

Lights out: 9:46. 
Awake: 5:29am      Temp 61      sleep 7+05      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 

 Early morning, our last (1) pallet of bricks was brought in & added to the brick brigade. DSC000963.JPG We stayed an extra ½ hr @ our KK meeting this morning. We had the time & the subject matter was so interesting that we couldn't leave our chairs; it was good talk. 

Back @ our M.H., I found out that Penelec billed us twice for electricity due to our two electrical meters; "but that old meter is no longer on our property," I told the girl & "I had called in months ago to have it removed," She told me it would be taken care of. 

Next, I wrote some checks, paid some bills via credit card, & visited Bob who was working on my fireplace & Nathan who was building a cabinet for Kathy's laundry room. 

After breakfast, Kathy & I started getting our M. H. ready inside & out for travel. I climbed up on the roof & cleaned all (4) slide tops & then retracted all (4) slides. Meanwhile, Kathy was organizing things inside to prevent moveable stuff from sliding, falling, etc. Later, she helped me wash the front of the M.H. with soap & water. 

Then I started the engine & moved the coach about 50 ft forward & brought the Suzuki over & hooked it on our tow-bar. Lastly, I checked the turn signals on both the motorhome & Suzuki. We finished a little after 8:00pm.
DSC000964.JPG Dinner: Turkey meat loaf with broccoli. 
Lights out: 11:10pm.


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