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Awake: 6:22am      Temp 64      Sleep 6+18      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 
We made a short stop @ the KK this morning due to my curiosity of: what's happening with our phone & computer service. Yes, our phone still has no dial tone so, using our cell phone, I called & talked to Verizon tech support; The fellow who I spoke with checked our incoming line & he said there is a strong dial tone right up to the house. Ok, so this problem might be on my end. I spent some time checking all my wiring & plug ins & realized that we did have computer service. Not as strong but we'll take it. Tomorrow I will check the motor home's filters .                                                                                                                                The high tech guys are here today thinking that they are close to being finished. DSC000961.JPG Meanwhile, neighbor Nick came over & brought the cleaned up fuel tank & gas filter; I was amazed to see how clean & shinny those parts are now. Then I got right to work & assembled his carburetor & fuel tank; started his mower up as a test & pushed it back to his storage shed. 

 Next, if you looked @ Nick's lawnmower on yesterday's Blog, you couldn't miss seeing a lot of "stuff" stored under the # 3 slide; that is my next project & it will be moved away from the motorhome & parked somewhere else.
Dinner: Cod Taco with lettuce, tomato,& mango. 
Later, we took some items from our M. H., & stored them in the house. Earlier, Kathy made me a deal I couldn't refuse; one of her nose support pieces for her eyeglasses broke off & she offered to wash & dry the dishes if I would super glue that piece back on. I got lucky so we are both happy.
DSC000962.JPG Lights out: 11:24pm.
Awake: 6:33am      Temp 64      sleep 5+59       mostly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 

1st thing this morning, I checked our phone for a dial tone & it was good. After walking to church, & attending Mass & the KK meeting, we checked it again at home & it was dead. 

Usuing our cell phone, I must have called 6 or 7 Verizon phone numbers & each time, all that I could get was a recording. Although they advertised 24 hr service, Independence Day must be a Holiday for everyone @ Verizon. After our breakfast, K & I motored to Johnstown & did some grocery shopping @ Market Basket & Wal-Mart & then, we purchased some tile from Home Depot for my fireplace, DSC000957.JPG                                 & also some Mosaic tile for my fireplace. DSC000958.JPG                       + 2) Medicine Cabinets from Lowe's for our Master Bedroom. DSC000959.JPG Back @ our motorhome, still no phone service so I took neighbor Nick's mower parts (rusty fuel tank & gas filter), DSC000960.JPG                           over to his house & he agreed to clean both parts up. 

 Dinner: Left over stuffed pepper, mixed salad, & bread. We finished the movie: "The Journey" with Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner, Jason Robards, Jr., Robert Morley, E.G.Marshall, etc. Heady melodrama set in 1956 Budapest, with assorted types seeking to leave.Offbeat romance between Kerr and Communist officer Brynner. 1959. Interesting story with good acting. 
Lights out: 12:04am.

 Awake: 6:00am     Temp 67     sleep 5+43     cloudy     overnight @ Nicktown. 

This morning, as we were talking with Rosemary & Gary, suddenly we had a dead land line phone. Kathy called them back on our cell phone, but didn't talk very long as she knew I was curious about what had happened & was anxious to start troubleshooting.

I didn't have much time to troubleshoot  as we didn't want to be late for today's invitation to Steve & his wife Heather's party for social, food & later, fireworks. 

The people we don't know? Returning to Nicktown after basically being away for over (40) yrs & trying to recognize someone's grownup son or daughter because you knew their father & mother...is quite the challenge. So yes, Dave & Carol helped us immensely in telling us who is who & where they live, etc. The the food & the varieties of different recipes were most tasty & admired. As the sun began setting, the fire crackers & sparklers were everywhere...until, the big bang came alive. 

Steve had close to (20) min of his own fireworks shooting up into the sky & then bursting with delightful colors with pops & booms. The grand finally is always the best & Steve just kept them coming with the best of booms, colors, & varieties. Thanks to Carol & Dave & their son Steve who gave us a very warm welcome & a delightful evening finish. We certainly appreciated all the good people, conversation, wine, food, & those fireworks. En route to Nicktown, we stopped & watched some more fireworks from the town of Colver.   

Lights out: 12:34am.  

Awake: 5:27am      Temp 55      sleep 5+34      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 

We cut our time short @ the KK club & started cleaning up the grass in our circular drive. Kathy spent over (2) hrs raking the tall grass & sometimes using the wheelbarrow to take a load to the forest. Kathy would stack up mounds of grass while I mowed the grass to a normal height. When she had a mound stacked, I would wheelbarrow the load into the woods as well. I must admit, we worked together & got the job done in time to change clothes & join Carol & Steve in the town of Colver for their Centennial. 

After Carol introduced us to her daughter Lisa & Courtney, Lisa's daughter, Carol took Courtney & us for a walking tour around this retired Mining town of about (1035) people. I was impressed at how well these people keep their homes, roads, yards & town so clean & organized. Steve, who was born & raised in town, told me it's always been this way. On main street, there were many classic & antique cars to feast your eyes on. photos. They also had a family doctor for decades photo & (3) churches of which we attended the Catholic 4:00pm vigil Mass. Courtney volunteered to show her new eye glasses. Hotels & businesses are still keeping the town healthy. Here we see the fireworks area getting ready for tomorrow night's big boom. Photo. And this is one of the coal cars that was recently rejuvenated. Dinner @ Lisa's home: Sausage, pasta & homemade bread, with wine & cookies. All of this was a nice surprise for us as we had no idea what to expect. And tomorrow, another invitation...with fireworks; wow! We thanked Lisa, Carol & the rest of the gang & returned to our home on wheels. Then we had to hustle over to meet our friends at the Nicktown Bar. Evening movie: "Shoot the Moon" with Albert Finney, Diane Keaton, Karen Allen, Peter Weller, Dana Hill, etc. Highly charged, emotional drama about the breakup of a marriage. The insights and emotional touchstones of Bo Goldman's scrip...and superlative acting...help make up for strange gaps of logic and credibility. 1982. Use Google to find out more about this flick. Lights out: 12:17am. DSC000950.JPG
Awake: 6:02am      Temp 53      sleep 6+34      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 

We couldn't miss attending the KK meeting today due to: Al & Donna's 44th Anniversary & having their grandkids visit ... & Janet's renowned cinnamon rolls with or without nuts + a chocolate cake made by Donna's daughter: Melanie. Yummy. 

Also it was John B's birthday & his older son Rick paid a short visit to help sing the "Happy Birthday" song along with us. 

Back @ our house, the high-tech guys were asking for some suggestions relating to security camera placements & some fireplace options from the tile guys. 

 Moments before K & I had our breakfast, we had a call from Bob, on the building team, announcing that the inspector arrived; we are now allowed to bring some of our stuff from storage into our house. He did leave a Cambria County building code notice that stated when we can move into our house.
DSC000945.JPG Ever since the yard grass began growing this spring, I have been neglecting the mowing process. Yes, I've been busy.... & yes, the Snapper lawnmower needs a good carburetor cleanup with a fuel filter & new gas line. So I just ignored the extra work. 
However, a near neighbor recently asked me if I could fix his lawn mower because his wife loves helping him trim while he uses the riding mower. I let him know that I will take a look @ it. So late afternoon, I had found the problem: rusty gas tank & a clogged gas filter; a href="http://monte.kirsch.org/assets_c/2011/07/DSC000944-4871.php" onclick="window.open('http://monte.kirsch.org/assets_c/2011/07/DSC000944-4871.php','popup','width=2592,height=1944,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,status=no,left=0,top=0'); return false">DSC000944.JPG + the throttle springs were messed up. I did my best to get the filter cleaned up & somewhat cleaned the fuel tank & then used my fresh gas to fill his tank about ½ full. 

I didn't expect that mower would run very well but it surprised me & started right up. I intended to take it apart again tomorrow to show Nick the parts that need to be cleaned up right. When Kathy & I sat down for dinner this evening, we noticed a truck pulling into our driveway; DSC000946.JPG within minutes, two guys started their engines & began mowing our high weeds down with a weed whacker; DSC000947.JPG                        And the other guy was using a rolling weed whacker. DSC000948.JPG .                                Here it was John B. & his younger son Josh. DSC000949.JPG It's John's birthday & he is giving us a birthday present instead of receiving one; what a guy! 

I offered to help but he wouldn't let me. He said he was bored & needed to do something good. In less than an hr, they had most of the inside circular drive done & some of the west side. They refused our offer to lead them over for a dinner @ the Nicktown Bar.We thanked them profusely for doing such a wonderful deed. 

 In the meantime, I couldn't just let the cut grass just lay around & brown up for the summer, so in lieu of washing the dishes, I started Nick's mower up & ran his mower for about (2) hrs cutting that flat grass into shreds for about ½ of the yard. Kathy agreed to help me out tomorrow & finish the project. 
We finished the movie: "Wheeler Dealer" with Lee Remick, James Garner, Jim Backus, Phil Harris, etc. Funny, fast-moving spoof of Texas Millionaires who play with investments just for fun. Garner also catches Lee Remick along the way. 1963. This story started out good but slowly went downhill & turned goofy. So....if you happen to be an investor, this movie is not for you! 
Lights out: 11:53pm.
Awake: 6:20am      Temp 53      sleep 7+10    sunny    overnight @ Nicktown. 

@ our KK meeting this morning, we had an out of town visitor who had been raised in the area; Joddie's daughter, Patrice, has been working & living in CA for over (10) yrs now. It's always nice to hear her stories. 

After breakfast we again motored to Indiana, PA to get Kathy's Pennsylvania citizenship papers. She couldn't find her Social Security card so we had to visit the Professional Center off Route 119 to get a temporary one; DSC000942.JPG This visit was well organized & next we went back to the Driver License place in the Indiana Mall. DSC000943.JPG This time, Kathy had all the documents necessary to get her temporary PA Citizenship & temporary driving license. 

 Back in Nicktown, we invited Florentz over for dinner & wine; tuna steak, rice, salad & Como toast. We had a lot to talk about & enjoyed Florentz's visit & quick wit very much. 

Lights out: 11:28pm.
Awake: 6:00am      Temp 57      sleep 6+56      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.   

"Happy Birthday," Kathy. Just before we started walking to the community center, another load of bricks was coming in. DSC000937.JPG We talked to the un-loader; he told us they had (1) more platform to deliver & that was it. 

At the KK meeting, the members sang the H.B. song to Kathy & gave her a birthday card filled with wishes for many more birthdays. We knew that Blume's were scheduled to visit this morning;
DSC000938.JPG so we hustled back to the house in time to see Mike fit the special piece of granite that was cut short.                         Oh, just a little further Mike. DSC000939.JPG                                                Yes, that looks fantastic. DSC000940.JPG                        A delivery from FDX for the house came in just before noon. DSC000941.JPG Today Kathy had lots of mail, e-mail, Facebook mail & phone calls for her birthday. All of our kids checked in as well. 

Katrina called & talked for (50) min regarding the wedding & travel. 

It was also an exciting day of deliveries for the house: faucet for my sink in the basement bathroom, lights for MBR, (master bed room) above medicine cabinets, & a sink for the laundry room. 
Later, we attended 6:00pm Mass & afterward, @ the Nicktown bar, Theresa, John, Kathy & I had beer; Kathy's beer was free for her birthday. (3) of us had chicken salad & Theresa had breaded mushrooms. Back @ the M.H., Zack called; he is feeling a little better & is preparing their rental house for the Foote visit. 

Late evening, Nick Skyped us for 26 min; his voice was low & uncomfortable so we didn't expound upon too many subjects. 

Lights out: 11:04pm.
Awake: 6:15am      Temp 66      sleep 6+29      off & on light rain      overnight @ Nicktown. 

We stayed for only ½ of the KK meeting due to the visit of a Culligan fellow (Harry), this morning who will hook up our instant hot water unit & also the pure filtered water system into the refrigerator. DSC000934.JPG Unfortunately, the guys had to pull the big refrigerator out far enough to run a small water line thru a cabinet & into the back of the refer... .which took longer that anyone expected. DSC000935.JPG Later, they had the refer back into its slot & the pure filtered water was available @ (2) places: the kitchen faucet & the refer.

 Mid afternoon K & I made a quick drive to Indiana, PA to get Kathy's citizenship changed over from Alaska to Pennsylvania before her birthday tomorrow. 

 We sat & waited for our number to come up & then....she was denied because she had not brought her Social Security card with her. DSC000936.JPG                     So, back to Nicktown we went & we will try again on Thursday. 

Dinner: Small bowl of New England clam chowder, Tilapia fish, rice, broccoli, & a salad. 

Lights out: 11:04pm.
Awake: 6:34am      Temp 58      sleep 6+55      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown. 

After our KK meeting, I gave John B. an updated tour of our house, & then I called Bassett, the masonry Co. to find out when they will start laying brick. Lisa told me she would talk to the boss & let us know. 

Another call I made was to Illinois & the C. E. Niehoff & Co., regarding the alternator on our motorhome. Shortly before we arrived in Nicktown (13) months ago, our motorhome's alternator was misbehaving by generating a higher voltage to the batteries & other equipment than it should. I called Newell @ that time & we agreed to set a time to remedy that high voltage problem. Months went by & I had somewhat forgotten all about it. House plans had overcome that other thing....until we started making plans to attend a wedding in Denver. The Newell tech's that I called in Oklahoma gave me fix ideas but no results. So today, I took a picture of who makes this alternator & where they have their factory. DSC000933.JPG I got the phone # off of the alternator & eventually called & spoke to a tech (Norby) that appeared to know a lot about these alternators. He had me using my Fluke meter on resistance for diodes & transistors. Most of the readings were open circuits. He seemed to be very serious & knowledgeable. When we finished, he was pretty confident, due to the meter readings, that my regulator was kaput. He gave me a phone # where I could purchase a new one. I thanked him graciously & wished him well. 
Dinner: stuffed peppers with asparagus, & toast. 

Lights out: 11:46pm.
Awake: 6:54am Temp 57 sleep 6+07 sunny overnight @ Nicktown. We called Gary & Rosemary in St. Augustine & we updated each other. Today, in Nicktown is the 4th annual Car Show & 1st annual Craft show. About 1:30pm, Kathy & I walked to the community center & began our tour of the classic automobiles. Here are Kathy & Hurk looking over a classic Model T or A ? DSC000925.JPG People come from near & far to attend these cars shows; here is my 1st cousin from Maryland: Cyril & his son in law Brian; Also my 1st cousin Florentz. DSC000926.JPG My 1st cousin Florentz & I spent a lot of time looking closely @ these classics. DSC000927.JPG Then I switched gears & spent some time with the Foote family @ their table eating hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.I had (1) hamburger. DSC000929.JPG After my hamburger, I walked Matthew all around the autos in the field & pointed out various parts of the autos as best I could; each & every system, unit, etc in a car/truck that makes the automobile run. I think he enjoyed that tour. DSC000928.JPG Next, the fire trucks; this young man could someday be a fireman. DSC000930.JPG Yes, it's a Photo of Andrew with fireman clothes on. And Gregory in driver's seat of fire truck. DSC000931.JPG Then I took a break & checked out the crafts in the gym. DSC000932.JPG To wind up the day with the Foote family, we all had an ice cream bar, cone, etc. After saying our goodbyes & bon voyages to the Foote family, we went back to the M.H., changed clothes & motored to Ebensburg so Kathy & I could mow my brother's lawn before the next rainfall. That took about (2) hrs but we did a good job of it. As we snacked on popcorn, mixed nuts. & a little libation, we watched another 1/4th of the movie: "Wheeler Dealers." Lights out: 11:39pm. DSC000926.JPG

Awake: 6:18am     Temp 59     sleep 5+31     light rain     overnight @ Nicktown.  

After our KK meeting, Kathy went & helped the ladies clean the church; I stayed @ the KK meeting &, then later, removed items from our M. H., & stored them elsewhere. When Kathy returned, she too, got into the cleanup spirit & started to rid ourselves of pamphlets, catalogues, books yet to read, etc, etc. We should reduce some of the M. H's weight in the process. 

K & I attended 6:00pm vigil Mass & afterward, Barry, John, Theresa, Kathy & I had some beer & a lot of good talk. 

Back @ our M.H., we watched 1/8th of the movie: "Wheeler Dealers." 

Lights out: 12:38am

Awake: 6:02am Temp 63 sleep 6+11 cloudy--windy overnight @ Nicktown. 

This morning, Mike & Jason from REA visited to complete the Geo-thermal updates & to give me a little more schooling on the system. 

 Meanwhile, Kathy skipped breakfast & wasted no time in motoring to Indiana, PA & buying all the drawer pulls (30) that Lowe's in Indiana had in stock. This will cover the amount that is needed for our cabinets, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. Also, the high tech guys, Randy & Ted, are here today.
                             Plus, we had another load of bricks delivered. DSC000924.JPG Dinner: Crab cakes, rice & toast. Evening movie: "Boots Malone" with William Holden, Johnny Stewart, Ed Begley, Harry Morgan, Whit Bissell. Holden comes alive in role of Stewart to become a jockey. Kathy stayed awake for this flick due to the horse races. 1952.  

Lights out: 12:47am.

I think I am back in business; computer problems, dead phones, & weddings were associated. Hang in there.
Awake: 6:22am     Temp 69     sleep 6+55      early morn rain     overnight @ Nicktown.

This morning, all of our KK members were invited over to Janet & Mark's gazebo for breakfast. Janet usually does this nice treat once a year & we all are thankful for her & Mark's generosity, friendliness & social gatherings. DSC000918.JPG Afterward, K & I motored to Johnstown to find the McClure & McClure Company to pick out (3) glass shower doors, which we did, after looking over their samples & giving them the specs necessary to do the job. DSC000919.JPG After that, we climbed back up the hill to the Market Basket & shopped for a few groceries. DSC000920.JPG From there we drove over to Lowe's looking for medicine cabinets. I found one that I liked; it was well built, attractive, & priced right but Kathy did not agree. S-l-o-w-l-y she succumbed & we loaded them in our cart. DSC000921.JPG We also looked @ front door levers, and drawer & cabinet pulls, of which we purchased (29)...all the cabinet pulls that they had. DSC000922.JPG Kathy also bought enough mosaic tiles to finish her backsplash in the kitchen. DSC000923.JPG Dinner: sausage, pasta, peppers, cantaloupe & grapes.

Lights out: 11:51pm.
Awake: 5:38am       Temp 67       sleep 6+25       morning light rain     overnight @ Nicktown.

I continued reading about Culligan & later, the Geo-system.

Late morning, we had a delivery by UPS; the sink part of the pedestal had arrived.

Early afternoon, K & I visited the tile guys & the electrical team; Bob gave us options on what switches we wanted to have dimmed on both the main floor & basement floor.

Later, Kathy went back to the church hall & helped the ladies bag noodles. During her absence, Stephanie from Blume's in Freeport called with a message for Kathy. Then Jill from Showcase Kitchens called; I was able to handle that call. Later, John from Estes delivery service called; the sink part of the pedestal arrived.

Late afternoon, I made several calls to Newell in Miami, OK in reference to my alternator over charging the batteries when the engine rpm is over (700) in our motorhome. I am getting more info from the tech guys as they tell me: the voltage can be lowered. DSC000917.JPG Dinner: Pulled pork sandwich, 4-bean salad, grapes, cantaloupe & chips.

Lights out: 11:27pm.

Awake: 5:58am     Temp 65     sleep 6+53     light rain     overnight @ Nicktown.

K & I left early from the KK meeting; Kathy helped the crew make noodles & I am trying to catch up on lost time. The phone kept me busy for awhile: I had a call from Chuck in Pittsburgh relating to the granite; then a call from Stephanie also relating to the granite. Kathy called me twice & I called her once. After Kathy returned from noodle making, I briefed her on the granite calls & other short calls. Then we returned Gary's call from St. Augustine & discussed the Zack & Katie wedding, the reception, the B-B-Q & the driving trip home.

After that, we went next door & visited the construction team & the tile guys. They are all doing good work. Late afternoon, I took some time to read some of the technical data on the Culligan system. I would not like to be tested on what I read. As for the Geo-thermal technical data, a wee bit more my speed.

Dinner: sausage, pasta, peppers, asparagus & cantaloupe.

Lights out: 11:13pm.

Awake: 6:44am       Temp 65       sleep 6+57       partly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Our appliances arrived this morning @ 10:55am from Cranberry Township, near Pittsburgh. DSC000910.JPG (5) guys were brought along to bring in the heavy boxes, uncrate them & hook them up. DSC000911.JPG The refrigerator was the heaviest by far....with the washer & dryer following. DSC000912.JPG (7) appliances all together...not counting the garbage disposals or the cook-top; the cook-top was found broken at the last minute & will be shipped later.

                               Inside this box is one of the dishwashers. DSC000913.JPG Most of these guys have been with the same appliance company for over (25- 30) yrs. They worked steadily until everything was out of the boxes, crates etc, & plugged in & tested satisfactory.       
                          Later morning, we had another load of brick come in; DSC000914.JPG the pallets were placed in the front of the house, back of the house, & on the side of the house; wherever it was convenient for the bricklayers. DSC000915.JPG I've had my humming bird feeder up & filled with nectar for several weeks now without having any customers ...but today, one little guy paid us a visit.

                              We also had a delivery from UPS this afternoon. DSC000916.JPG Dinner: Tilapia fish with asparagus, spinach salad, rice & grapes.

Lights out: 11:05pm.
Awake: 7:17am       Temp 65      sleep 7+02       partly sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Late morning, Nick called & wished me a "Happy Father's Day" & I enjoyed the honor of wishing him a "Happy Father's Day" as well. We talked for quite a while & then I brought Kathy on to share the call. Most of our talk was the updating of our house furnishing & then we heard about his change of plans with his house project. After a good hour of sharing talk of our respective future homes, I went outside to get the BIG BURN pile ready for the Foote family's contribution of stuff.

Around 2:40pm, the Foote family arrived & @ the same time, visitors from a mile away also arrived. Dolly & her mother, Rosemary, were curious to see our house progress also; so I asked Kathy if she would tour D & R while I got started with the Foote family & the burn pile. DSC000905.JPG This time, the roots & stumps were dry & I used a little more gasoline down under to get the fire burning hot. DSC000906.JPG In fact, both the boys & the adults, kept our distance due to the heat from the warmer day & from the burning pile itself. DSC000907.JPG After Kathy finished touring Rosemary & Dolly, we thanked them for their visit & they thanked Kathy for the tour. Then we focused on the Foote family & brought out the pulled pork, hot dogs, s'mores, big strawberries, grapes & chips.

                Later, the BIG BURN was down to ashes & the heat was acceptable. DSC000908.JPG                              Then it was time for the Foote family to leave. DSC000909.JPG The day went fast for us so to slow it down a little, we watched the movie: "It's Love I'm After." We watched ½.

Lights out: 11:47pm.


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