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Awake: 5:03 am Temp Downtown=38 Mostly clear skies

Nick calls from Seatte @ 8:24 am. We talk condo inspection stuff, MG
storage dilemma, etc. It appears that the more he finds out about his new
condo buy, the more comfortable he is about it.

Katrina calls at 9:34 am while walking briskly to the downtown deli to
have breakfast with Jason, his girlfriend & another girl he used to work
with. These are the kind of things that Katrina has wanted to do ever
since her moving to close enough to downtown to walk or
ride her bike to where the cool action takes place.

After breakfast, Kathy attacks our pantry with vengeance...I could easly
hear her muttering as she charged through that door: " I'll get you, you
dirty filthy unorganized BAD PANTRY you!"

Meanwhile, I calmly begin to prepare the old computer nook area for
texturing with orange peel splatter. It takes me close to an hour using
newspapers to shield the areas from over spray....and a mere minute to
spray the fix up area. We'll see how it looks after drying.

We attend 5:00 pm church service at St. Patrick's. Afterwards, we meet
Katrina & one of her roommates(Star) at Moose's Tooth for pizza & beer. We
are midway thru our meal when Denise walks by and visits for awhile. She's
been out of have we, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

As we are leaving, we bump into Bill & Diane...they've been out of have we, so we have more catching up to do with them.

Tonight was some good social time for us which we have been lacking a lot
since hanging out here at home just doing housework...UGH!

Katrina & Star come up to our house afterwards and Katrina takes more of
her " stuff " back to her hangout. She is getting close to having it all
moved out soon. Horray!
We both work at our respective X-word puzzles till after midnight.
Lights out: 12:20 am.

Awake: 5:56 am Temp Downtown=48 High clouds

Semi-casual morning for both of us....especially after yesterday's
gruelling workout. Eventually we do get back to the jobs at hand tho.

I start by doing some more caulking on the Jacuzzi with silicone....then
down to the gameroom for sanding & smoothing out the spackling I did

Kathy asks for my help in paying her credit card on line. That takes us
about 30 min including a call to the credit card company.

Just before lunch, I spackle another area next to the shower downstairs.

After lunch, we go shopping again...leaving at 1:50 pm. Only 6 stores
this time....but it was casual. I think I'm getting the hang of this
shopping thing: I ask my dear wife...gently, how much time do you think
you need, she tells me, then I add another 10 min or more...and meet her
at the designated rendezvous spot. On our last stop, we did order a new
diswasher for our home. Our 22 yr old dishwasher really does work darn
good for it's age but we do have to manually open the soap dispenser
during the early stage of it's cycle. Back home at 6:15 pm.

Dinner: Atlantic Salmon, some leftover flank steak & fresh salad.
Lights out: 11:48 pm

Awake: 6:03 am Temp Downtown= 49 High Clouds

Call Father Job in Nicktown...Jeanne(girl thursday-his secretary) tells me
that Father Job is visiting his parents for two days. So...he calls late
last night, leaves a message to return his call and leaves town for two

After breakfast, Kathy continues working in the master bedroom, varnishing
the sink cabinets, closet doors, floor molding & the wood around the
My jobs, should I accept the challenge: is to reseal the sink top in the
pink bathroom, finish resealing the blue bathtub downstairs, and apply
spackling downstairs in the gameroom where the boys had their computer
knook in the early nineties and messed up the sheetrock walls with their
swiveling chair. I gave this all a lot of thought...maybe 30 seconds and
then my boss gave me that evil eye...and I thought no more.

Just before noon, my younger Sisters, Corinne & Mary Jo called from Lodi,
CA for a casual conversation. Corinne from Pennsylvania is visiting Mary
Jo for a week.

Late afternoon now, the above mentioned job program is well under control
and I am ready for some fresh air. So I wander out to the back yard &
start punching a wire into the ground searching for that septic end cap. I
am hot on the trail with this 12 inch deep hole and the dirt is flying
when I feel a set of eyes peering at me from behind...when I look back
toward the house, I see my Son-In-Law and dear wife with a strange
expression on their faces. Oops, I feel like I should lift a bone out of
the ground & wag my tail!! Anyway, no hidden treasure found yet.

Our Son-In-Law is visiting & collecting some of their collectables to help
us clean up our act for presenting a no clutter homestead appearance.

Dinner: New York Strip Steak with leftover potatoes, creamed asparagus and
fresh salad. Lights out: 10:55 pm

Awake: 5:45 am Temp downtown=45 Drizzle

We are expecting ( 2 ) visitors this morning. Of course Dexter is one of
them...who we think will be more accurate in pin pointing where our end
cap for our septic system is located.

And then Rusty, who goes by " The Cabinet Doctor." We have a built in
desk in each of the bedrooms downstairs and one of them has the top messed
up pretty bad. I Have few tools or I'd do this repair myself.

Rusty arrives at 10:30 am. A slightly younger gentleman than myself but
obviously well experienced in his trade. We bring him into the kitchen to
begin with..and he scrutinizes this area very strongly. Then to the
downstairs & that messed up desktop. One hour later, Rusty appears to be
more focused on our kitchen than he was on that desktop. Finally we
understand what's happening: Rusty would like to update our kitchen
countertop from Corian to a composit fancy dancey whatever you call it. We
let him write up an estimate for the job to include fixing that desktop
and see him to the door. I'm sure his company does good work but...we
don't intend to make any changes to our kitchen at this point.

Dexter arrives at 11:45. He hasn't seen his old house for many years. We
invite him inside. He mentions that he has missed the view from up here,
the heating system & the house itself. We talk about his kids and his
retirement plans. Then we head to the back yard...and he whips out a pair
of dousing rods to locate that septic end cap. His recolection of where
it is a little fuzzy, and his dousing rods do swing when
passing a certain point which I mark with a board. Hmmm, now I am
thinking...who do I know with a backhoe up here? Dexter leaves at 12:45.

Anyway, we have some shopping to do. How about 3.5 hrs later & 7 stores.
Yes, I believe we found everything on our list and no more.

We meet the Footes & Katrina for Dinner at Wayne's BBQ at 5:45 pm on " C "
street. Melissa had a free dinner card for her birthday at this restaurant
and the rest of us get a free piece of cake with our meal. It was a nice
rendezvous with the gang and Matthew was his usual alert & entertaining
self. He sure smiles BIG TIME when his " G " Daddy talks mafia talk with
him. Katrina leaves around 7:00 for ultimate frisbe with her friends. We
leave shortly afterwards. Back home at & 7:45.

I change clothes & mow the grass using the Kubota tractor, then take a
good hot shower. Meanwhile, after cleaning & organizing her kitchen on
Tuesday, Kathy paints varnish( min wax ) on all the wood in her kitchen
that she can find....and that's a lot of wood.

We are both reading or x-word puzzle. Lights out: 11:44 pm

Awake: 5:02 am Temp downtown=50 High clouds

I spend a great deal of time this morning modifying & replacing more
drawer guides in the Katrina/Zack bedroom. Lucky for me my Son-In-Law
Kevin loaned me his hacksaw so I could trim an inch off a number of glides
to make this project successful.

At 10:45 am, Ted the septic & water inspector arrives. He wants to see the
" as built " survey of our property. Then we both walk to the back yard
and using a tape measure, follow the blue print of our septic system
layout. " It should be about right here " Ted says. Then he takes a metal
detector, waves it back & forth and says " ah ha!" We are looking for the
end cap of our leach field which is supposed to be some 40 foot long. In
simple terms, the end cap will be used to test our system's perk ability.
After digging a neat round hole in the yard about a foot in diameter and
10 inches deep, we find nothing but small rocks. Again, the metal detector
is used on the hole in the ground...nothing. Then on the pile of
signals metal. In sifting through the dirt, Ted picks up the clue---it's a
nail. With that discovery, Ted announces that we are going to need a back
hoe in here to find that end cap Monte. I let him know that I will do more
searching on my own before hiring a backhoe to dig up our yard. Ted leaves
at 11:30. We agree to call him when we find the end cap.

Next plan: Try & find the home builder & former owner Dexter. The local
phone numbers we have listed for Dexter in our sales contract are no
longer in service. Then Kathy has an idea: She looks for her oldest phone
& address book since living in this Two numbers. She
tries the longer in service. Then the second, his work number. A
lady answers and indicates that Dexter no longer works there. Kathy
explains that we need to talk with him about our house septic system which
he build & sold to us 13 yrs ago. She gives us his cell phone number. I
make the call and....Dexter answers. We chat a little about " what's
happening?" Then he asks if he could come up to the house first thing in
the morning and find that end cap for us. Hot diggitty!

I finish the Melissa/Nick bedroom cabinet drawer glide replacement & call
it a day. Meanwhile Kathy has been spending her day literally in the
kitchen and not doing much cooking...but cleaning & organizing like never
before. I have not seen it this bright & brilliant since 1991 when we
first moved in here.

Dinner: Noodles & chili with toast & fresh salad.
Evening time: Some TV, computer & reading. Lights out: 10:45 pm.

Awake: 7:05 am Temp Downtown=47 Lower clouds & Drizzle most of day

Busy day scheduled for us today. So after our breakfast we get right with
it. Kathy paints ( 3 ) solid wood doors on both sides using the natural
wood finish. We both like the way our wood is looking with this finish.

Meanwhile, I am doing some grunt work using steel wool to thoroughly clean
the oak trim around the corian kitchen countertop. And it was a workout.
Later Kathy will give that a coat of finish.
Then I finally finish installing( 2 ) brick slices to wrap up the lower
oven/microwave trim project that I've been procrastinating on for
a...ahem, few months. And now I am ready to vacate the kitchen as Kathy is
beginning to paint nearly everything in sight with her natural wood

It's back to installing drawer guides...this time in our bedroom & the
large clothes hamper. Just as I get started, Brian from Capital Glass
arrives to finish installing the last( 2 ) of ( 7 ) replacement windows.
He's done with the job in about 2 hrs. I reminded him to be sure & have
his company send me the bill.

After that clothes hamper challenge, I start to tackle another large
drawer downstairs in the Katrina/Zack bedroom. I am really getting into it
when Kathy calls me to the phone: It's my buddy Ray, and he's telling me
info about our Son Nick that we don't even know yet ourselves: that his
final offer on the condo in Seattle was accepted. Yahoo! That Ray guy, he
sure is with it...even at his age!

Late afternoon, I call my Bro in Pa. They are doing fine. My brother is
taking more days off and goes into the office later now that he has sold
his accounting business. We talk for 30 min.

Dinner @ 7:30 pm Pork Chops, asparagus, bean salad & fresh garden salad.

Late evening. Kathy uses our new Dell computer while I read one of my
motorhome magazines. Lights out: 11:52 pm

Awake 6:32 am Temp Downtown= 49 Drizzle

Kathy begins making brunch shortly after breakfast using new
recipts....Today the gang is invited up to our house for a 1:00 pm food
fest. They all arrive early around 12:30 and that's a good sign they are

Brunch: Crock Pot broccoli & egg casserole, marinaded flank steak, creamed
potatoes & puffed pancakes. It was a darn good. After the dishes are
cleaned up, the kids hang around for awhile just doing their own thing.

Kevin goes downstairs to the game room and transfers some of his personal
data from a desktop model computer to a latop which he later intends to
transfer to a hard disk.

Melissa is entertaining Matthew or perhaps vice a versa. He missed his
morning nap so he has been a tad bit fussy this afternoon.

Katrina & Kathy are going thru magazines & newspapers to recycle and Kathy
is also helping Katrina to " just say YES " to tossing STUFF she isn't
going to need or use.

Katrina leaves at 4:00 pm....the Foote's at 5:05 pm.

Early evening I call my Bro Don in Pennsylvania. They are playing
pinochle with Allen & Kathy.....we agree to talk tomorrow evening.

Call Nick. He has been busy & sounds tired. He also made his final offer
on the Queen Ann Hill Condo today. We wish him luck.

We both do some X-word puzzle stuff late evening....Lights out:11:50 pm.

Awake: 5:40 am Temp Downtown= 47 High clouds with drizzle

Casual morning for Kathy & I. First in a long time we take the time to
read the Anchorage Daily News. It felt good.

Late morning...Kathy paints a light coat of varnish on the floor molding
under the fireplace hearth, and also the trim around the kitchen center

At 2:00 pm we go shopping. Visiting Home Depot, Lowe's & Sears, looking at
dishwashers, kitchen sinks, long flower boxes & bedroom carpet. No
decisions made today. Then we attend 5:00 pm mass at St. Patrick's Church.
Dinner at the restaurant Villa Nova, where we have wine, then split a
Hallibut fish stuffed with crab, spinach & salad. On the way back home, we
stop again at Lowe's to double check on a dishwasher that we looked at
earlier. Home at 9:00 pm.

A little reading & computer stuff before bedtime. Lights out: 11:24 pm

Awake: 6:20 am Temp Downtown=47 Sunny

Melissa calls at 8:16 am to give the overnight Matthew report to Kathy. I
believe this daily report can be found on the Kirsch web site. So check it

The Capital Glass guys, Brian & Jim, arrive at 8:40 am. Today they should
finish replacing the 6 windows, some double paned some triple, that have
been leaking moisture over the years. Number 7 window being replaced is in
perfectly good shape. A new safety code specifies that any window within
30 inches of an outside door must be with tempered glass & have a printed
key to that effect. Well, that window key could not be found so we are
having that replaced as a precaution.

Meanwhile Kathy is cleaning out clothes, shoes & stuff from the master
bedroom closet in preparation for painting that closet. And I am on the
floor in the brown bathroom sanding more molding.

Finally it's break time for us so we meet in the living room and we can
hear Jim talking on his cell phone to what appears to be his Capital Glass
Co., Saying things like: " It's 65" high and we measured 61". So we won't
be finishing up today. Someone made a typo error on the order sheet.

Some good came out of this blunder tho: Brian now has the time, the tools
and the expertise of pry up a strip of trim, tighten the window crank
mechanism screws and reinstall that piece of trim without leaving any
visable marks. We had 3 window crank mechanisms that needed this service &
I have few tools left to work with. He did it right.

The Capital Glass guys leave at 1:50 pm. They plan on returning next finish....we hope.

Meanwhile Kathy not only finished getting all things out of the closet but
also finished painting the closet. I was much so that I
went into the living room and wore myself out sanding the floor molding
under the fireplace hearth. Then I get the 7' ladder and clean the high
window & frame over the south stairway. I'll show her I can still keep up
with a young wife!

Dinner: Leftover Salmon & Spaghetti with a meatball, bean salad & fresh

After dinner when the closet paint is dry, I help a little getting all the
clothes back onto the closet rod, and we are finished with housework for
the night.
Kathy watches 20/20 while cutting Christmas cards fronts off and I am in
the living room reading my motorhome FMCA magazine. Lights out: 11:24 pm.

Awake: 6:47 am Temp Downtown= 48 Clear Sky

After Breakfast, I use Harry's 7 foot ladder to clean the north stairway
window & frame plus cover up nail holes from hanging our family pictures.

Kathy & I discuss today's work schedule & materials needed. It became
obvious that someone needs to go shopping today. Kathy perks right up.
We need more primer, paint, varnish, Varathane, groceries & someone needs
a haircut too. Kathy drives off in the RAV 4 with a smile about 1:00 pm.

Meanwhile, I sand the living room trim along the windows, then sand the
trim along the center island.

Shut down the heating system today. Kevin's right, it's getting too warm
during the daylight hrs up here.

Next I attempt starting the infamous Cherry Picker for the summer workout.
Usually this entails taking both spark plugs out, squarting raw fuel into
the cylinders, putting both plugs back in, then starting the engine
...which only runs for maybe 5 seconds. Then repeat the scenario until a
steady amount of fuel is drawn up into the carburetor to keep the engine
running. Usually 4 or 5 repeats is all that's needed. Not this time tho, I
removed & replaced those spark plugs over a dozen times with not a hint of
steady engine running. Finally, the gray matter kicks in...check the fuel
line...check the fuel line. So I carefully scrutinize that fuel line and
there it is...hiding beneath the air leak..... preventing
the suction action from bringing fuel into the carb. Luckly I have some
good fuel hose, same size, in my leftover inventory. 15 min later, that
onan engine is purring like Nick's Bailey after a good back stroking. I
drive the cherry picker outside to test the hydraulics, then bring it back
inside for later use.

Kathy returns at 5:00 pm with primer, paint, varnish of different shades,
groceries & a shorter hair style..which I like. Her shopping went well.

Since my efficiency for the day has already suffered, I thought perhaps
I'd celebrate and do something not so challenging: Grease the Kubota
tractor and the Woods mower...then give the Cherry Picker a good
greasing(with it's 21 grease ports). Upon opening Kevin's Grandfather's
early 1950's grease gun, I find a lot of oil inside the box, dripping out
of the gun itself, etc. Hmmm, this is not normal. Well, so I hook up to a
grease nipple & start pumping...a little grease...a little oil. Me thinks
the grease cartridge is as old as the gun. More shopping on Saturday.

Dinner: Last year's Salmon catch by Kevin with asparagus, some leftover
mixed veggies & fresh spinach salad mixed with strawberries.

Late evening X-word puzzle & reading.... Lights out: 11:13 pm

Awake: 7:10 am. Temp downtown is 45 degrees with drizzle

First phone call today at 7:25 am. It's Ann Egemo...letting us know that
the Alaska Cub is having free days of Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Friday this week
without requiring a sponsor. Kathy is still sleeping and I don't want to
disturb her. Unfortunately we feel we are too busy to take advantage of
their generosity. Besides, we are getting some free exercise right here at
home these days.

Melissa calls at 9:07 am. We sing her the " Happy 30th Birthday " song.
Before we know it, she & Matthew are pulling into our garage for the day's
visit before 10:00 am.

Isaac's Pumping Service arrives at 10:45 am. Norm has been emptying our
septic tank ever since we've moved into our Stuck-Again house. Today Norm
enlightens us to the septic inspection routine that we can expect for
selling our house. I could go in depth on this subject now that I have the
dirty details but...hmmmm, maybe I should save it for a good story during
one of our family mealtime feasts. Norm highly recommends a Ted Moore guy
who does bonifide inspections, so I call him shortly after our system is
thoroughly pumped & back flushed out and finished.

Meanwhile, Zack is awake and is playing the computer game " You don't know
Jack " with Melissa.

An hour later, Matthew gets a " Johnny Jump up " for his 5 month old
birthday from " G " Mama. Zack + Melissa promptly install this nifty
gadget on our door frame leading into the laundry room. Matthew is cute,
funny but cautious when dumped into this hanging, swinging, turning
mysterious seat.

About an hour before dinner, Katrina arrives with presents in hand & a
numb looking face. She has just experienced having her first ever cavity
filled at the Dentist office. She talks funny....and blames it on having
this big thing in her mouth. Ha..Ha.

Dinner: Stuffed peppers with oven roasted red potatos, broccoli,
cauliflower and fresh salad. The dishes are cleaned up by Kevin & Katrina
by 7:45 pm. Then Kathy brings out a miniature birthday cake with ice
cream & we all sing that traditional Birthday song for Melissa's 30th
Birthday celebration. That small cake was surprising good. I think Melissa
was pleased with her B & B presents( Books & Bucks.)

Zack begins the pack to travel for leaving later tonight to Seattle & then
to Chicago. Katrina is busy going thru her things she had stored in the
equipment room since living up here last year.

Melissa & Matthew leave our place around 8:30 pm...Kevin stays about an
hour longer doing computer stuff with Zack in his spare time.

Later, after Zack is confident his packing is well under control, he & I
play two games of " You don't know Jack Movies." We don't do very well.
Katrina joins us even later for playing a longer game of the same. Katrina
leaves around 10:30 pm going back to her pad. Then at 11:15 pm we head
for the airport for Zack's Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle, then takes
American to Chicago. He will stay at the Speake residence until Saturday
where his girlfriend Katie lives, then move into the Motorola housing unit
where he has an Internship job for the summer.

It was truly a joy having our kids with us so much these past few days
before our Alaskan home is no longer our hangout. We will all miss it a
lot but...we will constantly strive to find ways & places to rendezvous
together as a family in the future.

Lights out: 1:14 am.

Awake 6:03 Temp downtown= 44 Light rain overnight & cloudy

Early work continues on those kitchen drawers. I am trying to be
relatively quiet since our chief movie CD collector Z man is still
sleeping in the bedroom below my working area and I do enjoy those movies.

After 10:00 am tho, I figure I have suffered enough and begin my drilling
& hammering....shortly after that racket, Z man appears with a smile.

Just before noon time, Kathy, Zack & I go shopping downtown....dropping
Kathy off at Fred Meyers for groceries while Zack & I stop at REI(
Recreational Equipment Inc.) so Z can purchase a season Park pass for
Melissa's birthday tomorrow---a good idea since they use this for parking
a lot while hiking in the Chugach mountains. Otherwise they would have to
pay $5.00 each time to park their auto.

Then on to Spenard Builders Supply & Hardware Specialties for more drawer
runners to be used downstairs on those built in cabinets in the bedrooms.
Back to pick up Kathy at Fred Meyers...home at 2:00 pm.

The Footes arrive at 2:05 pm. After our usual admiration in witnessing
Matthew's latest rolling & turning techniques, we settle down in the
living room for a poker game called: Texas Hold em. It's Kevin, Melissa,
Zack, Kathy & I. After an hour or so, I am the bank. I like this game!

Zack leaves driving the RAV 4 before dinner to join Katrina & others in
playing ultimate frisbe at a park in Mountain view. The rest of us have a
dinner of: Leftover Spaghetti with newly made spaghetti sauce with slices
of chicken, fresh salad & toast.

After cleaning those dinner dishes, the Footes leave around 7:40 pm.

Then I cleaned & lubricated the two file drawer runners downstairs in the
office. They do glide & slide better after that long overdue maintenance.

When Zack returns, we move to the theater room for more of Z's CD
classics. Tonight we watch the " Godfather III. A thrilling finish to a
real classic three part series for the Godfather. Lights out: 1:14 am.

Monday 17 May, 2004

Monday. 17th of May Awake: 5:23 Temp downtown= 47 Clouds & windy

As many of you already know, my blushing bride of 33 years & I have been
traveling in our motorhome away from Alaska for over two years now.
Having our principal home in Anchorage and being away from that home
nearly half of the time is beginning to effect our new lifestyle so.....we
have decided to sell our home this summer and live full time in our home
on wheels. It's a little scary for us but also very exciting having that
new everyday adventure opportunity. Based on the information above, many
of my future journal entries this early summer will be covering the many
touch-up's & fix em up's that we should be doing to enhance the sale of
our Anchorage home.

And so: After my cereal breakfast this morning, I installed new drawer
runners on both drawers in the center Island in the kitchen. Later this
morning, I drive Zack over to the Foote's condo ( a 20 minute drive)
where he, Melissa, Kevin, little Matthew in the baby backpack & friend Amy
will be hiking up part of the Flattop mountain called: Blueberry Hill. It
will be Matthew's 1st hike. Time for the hike, about 1 hr. After I drop
off Zach for the hike, I shop at Hardware Specialties at 54th & Arctic for
3 more drawer runners to replace on our kitchen cabinets. Then drive over
to Spenard Builders Suppy to get some paint rollers & a handle for Kathy
so she can start painting our bedroom tomorrow. Then drive to Home Depot
to have my brick sliced for fixing the cosmetic trim around our kitchen
oven....something one wouldn't notice unless they looked very closely. I
am back home @ 1:40 pm.

The Footes & Zack arrive back from their hike @ 2:15 & we all eat a cheap
lunch of dry & rubbery turkey burgers plus some decent tasting ham, bean
salad & cranberries left over from Saturday's dinner. My reconditioned
Swiss Jura coffee maker arrived via FedEx from Atlanta today. After some
3500 coffee cycles and over 3 yrs of usage, it was due to have new
gaskets, " O " rings, etc. But, I am too busy today to open it up & get it
ready for tomorrow's early morning java.

While Kathy is sanding the dining room window ledges, I am replacing
drawer runners on two kitchen cabinet drawers. It's a different kind of
challenge because the local hardware suppliers do not have available exact
replacement runners so I have to improvise. I could not fine neither the
necessary half inch lengths nor the same type of glides.

Katrina has a dinner engagement elsewhere tonight so it's the Footes,
Zack, Kathy & I for dinner at our local Thai restaurant. This has been a
great place for us for casual dining...12 min away, good healthy food at a
most reasonable price. The kids have taken advantage of this restaurant
more so than their stay-at-home parents. From here, the Footes return to
their condo & we go back to our house & watch another movie from the vast
& classic collection of Zack's CD's: " Godfather II. " It was excellent
and even Kathy stayed awake for most of the bloody action scenes. Lights
out: 12:21 am

May 16, 2004

Hi Guys,

This is Dad...and if this actually works, it will serve as my on line
computer journal. Then I can joyfully cease wearing those thick eye
glasses and save precious minutes of my precious time on a daily basis
during my busy retirement.


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