Wednesday 21 December 2011

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Awake: 8:00am      Temp ?       sleep 6+02      overcast, then gentle rain      overnight @ Nicktown.

Actually Melissa called us around 6:00am & wanted to know if she had awakened me; I told her we turned the lights out @ about 2:00am. When she heard that, she said she would call us in a few hrs.

We both fell asleep & woke up again @ 8:00am. Nick & Jerry were already up & munching on dry cereal.

After their breakfast, Nick hinted that he would like to see his boxes of Transformers in the basement. He had not forgotten them in the least. DSC0001449.JPG Nick & Jerry were in the game room for some time looking & at the Transformers with Nick telling Jerry what the names of his Transformers are & what they can change into.
                                 Believe me, this is a drop in the bucket. DSC0001450.JPG Nick always treated his toys right; they are still in good shape & probably will remain so for yrs. DSC0001451.JPG Since Melissa & the Foote boys are coming over to our place around 12:00 noon, I thought it best to have my cereal breakfast before they get here. Some times I sit on the camel saddle with my back to the sun ...when it's shining & have breakfast as I read. Well this morning, Momoko, who calls me "Gee daddy", brought her chair over as soon as I sat down & started looking @ my remaining breakfast cereal.

I wasn't particularly interested in sharing my good food but she was sooooo-cute & so gentle when she spoke in Japanese; mind you, she also spoke some English, she will be age (2) in February. Yes, I let her have some yogurt, blue berries, spoon size shredded wheat, whole bran wheat checks, small strawberries, etc. How could I resist. DSC0001452.JPG The Foote's arrived shortly thereafter & the party began in the game room. Luckily we got that Foosball Game working the right way because these youngsters sure did have a good time practicing. DSC0001453.JPG                  Then the young ones took a healthy snack break @ the round table. DSC0001454.JPG Next on the agenda; Melissa gathered all the youngsters & headed for the game room to make small houses out of graham crackers & cream cheese frosting, decorated with colored Cheerios, pretzels, raisins, etc. Eriko lent a hand. DSC0001455.JPG The boys have experience with Legos so they had no problem constructing these houses...except one. DSC0001456.JPG         They ate a lot of the decorations & frosting resulting in a little wildness afterwards.


                   After a minor storm tho, they did calm down to some good reading. DSC0001457.JPG Dinner: Beef stew with noodles & bread.

Lights out: 10:48pm. 

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