Tuesday 20 December 2011

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Awake: 5:45am      Temp 40      sleep 6+19      gentle rain -continuous      overnight @ Nicktown.

We skipped the KK meeting this morning & Kathy broke a lot of empty boxes down for me to either take to the burn pile or to keep for our kids to use for shipping after Christmas.

After our breakfast Kathy motored to Barnesboro & did some more grocery shopping & other shopping.

Meanwhile, yesterday, just as we were leaving the Foote family, Matthew was seriously getting into the Gabriel 725 Erector Set: DSC0001442.JPG & he let me know that the remote control unit was not working. I quickly looked it over & discovered a broken wire, so I took the remote control home to check it out.

After Kathy left for shopping, I took the remote apart on my work bench & found yet another broken wire. I substituted new wires & got rid of the old ones, checked the resistance & put the remote unit back together. DSC0001443.JPG Next, I gathered many rough & decrepit cardboard boxes, set them near the North wing garage door, put my raingear on, & then placed the boxes outside & closed the garage door.

It took me (6) trips back & forth to the burn pile to finish this round of expanding the space in the hex.

Tuesday evening, we were expecting our Son Nick, his wife Eriko, & their (2) kids, Jerry & Momoko to arrive at our place around 11:00pm from Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Kathy would check on face book every now & then to watch their progress.

Dinner: ham & bean soup, toast & oranges.

Evening time: after the kitchen was cleaned up, mostly by Kathy, she took some pictures of her kitchen from various angles & areas in the hex. Here are a few that caught her eye: DSC0001441.JPG                                                   And a few more: DSC0001445.JPG                                             That's all for now. DSC0001446.JPG As we were sitting in our rocking chairs, reading our books & listening to good music, a car's lights lit up our entryway. It had to be Nick & his family & it was. DSC0001447.JPG We helped them bring in their luggage & other things & then Nick was curious about how the house turned out so we gave them a free tour.

It didn't take long for Jerry & Momoko to find out where the toys were placed, & that satisfied them for quite some time.

Talk about time, we toured & chatted for quite a while & nearly forgot how late it was; I knew Kathy was very sleepy so finally we all agreed to hit the sack & call it a good night.

Lights out: 1:58am.

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