Tuesday 13 December 2011

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Awake: 6:15am       Temp 21      sleep 6+50       sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

I didn't attend the KK meeting this morning due to Bob & Adam attending to our outside faucet leak. They planned to arrive around 8:00am this morning but then Bob found out that the Krumenacker Hardware store here in town didn't have the parts in stock, & that set him back about an hr later. DSC0001411.JPG He wanted me to be around to turn the water off & on & to get them some tools if they didn't have them handy. DSC0001412.JPG                        This is the culprit that started the leak sometime yesterday: DSC0001413.JPG          It took them a little over an hr to finish the project; but now, this case is closed. DSC0001414.JPG Next, K & I motor up to the book-mobile which comes to Nicktown every other week; here we see Debora & Kathy talking outside the book-mobile. Ron, the driver, will soon open the library. DSC0001415.JPG                          Inside the book-mobile, we see Kathy & the driver Ron. DSC0001416.JPG Next, K & I motored to Barnesboro & signed in to have our teeth cleaned & checked. Kathy was 1st & she was "A" OK. Then I was next & also: "A" OK.

From here we did some light grocery shopping @ Giant Eagle, then Bi-Low in Spangler.

While Kathy was in Bi-low, I walked across the street to Bobik's Home Center & with help from the owner, found the small fasteners for our small Goalies for the Foose Ball game. DSC0001417.JPG It wasn't easy until the owner switched over to the Metric System isle.

Dinner: leftovers from (3 or 4) previous dinners.

After dinner, I attended the Holy Name meeting @ 7:00pm @ our church hall.

Lights out: 10:54pm.

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