Monday 12 December 2011

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Awake: 6:51am     Temp 18     sleep 7+23     sunny     overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, I went straight down to the laboratory & pondered over my sick hall tree.

The (20) year old epoxy was very slow when curing; the (6) year old epoxy was very fast when curing; .... You guessed it; it cured so quickly that I couldn't get the top section into the middle section of the hall tree. No picture? Too embarrassing! If I had reversed the procedure, using the (20) year epoxy, the hall tree would have been finished by now. Ouch!

I wasn't happy & neither was Kathy...but her disappointment was different: she spent about (2) hours on the phone with the government getting our address changed for Medicare. She was transferred to (3) different people, the last being sales where she had to re-apply for Medicare. Since she didn't have the application form in front of her the sales rep had to read all the fine print, ugh! However, she asked if Kathy just wanted her to speed read it, which she did.  

Kathy found it quite amusing & when she had to go thru the same scenario to change my address, she asked the sales rep if she had ever timed herself. She said she had tried but it hadn't worked, so Kathy timed her (2min 18 sec). She said she had been in this job for 6 yrs & the most she had gone thru this in one day was 14 times. Kathy & the sales rep actually wound up having a fun time. Kathy also did some clothes ironing.

Late afternoon, I used our Suzuki to take a letter to our post office & coming back into our garage, I noticed water dripping from an outside faucet. I tried several times to shut the dripping off to no avail. Later on, I called Bob, the builder, @ his home & told him about this. He said he would come over & check it out. He arrived about (20) min later & after he studied the problem, he said he would be over tomorrow to replace the faucet.

Our mail from Alaska was forwarded to us today, so I spent some time opening envelopes. Dinner: "hodgepodge" soup & later evening, popcorn.

Lights out: 11:25pm.                                  

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