Sunday 11 December 2011

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Awake: 7:32am      Temp 15      sleep 7+01      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

Today we both had our separate projects to work on; Kathy, for the 3rd time, moved her China cabinet over close to the entry wall & old switchboard. She put pads on the legs of the cabinet which allowed her to do her own maneuvering. DSC0001402.JPG Yesterday, Kevin not only brought the family over for a visit but he also had (18) wires with him with plugs on both ends, to accommodate the installation for our phone switchboard. That was one of the reasons Kathy had to move her cabinet back & forth (3) times to allow the placement of those wires. DSC0001403.JPG Meanwhile, down in the laboratory, I had (3) projects working @ the same time. I used a heavy round piece of metal to hold an aluminum wire down next to the blower unit to allow my camera to see what the temperature is in the Geo-thermo room. DSC0001404.JPG On top of this rod, I will fasten a temperature & humidity gage to allow the camera to see the readings from our master bedroom & on the computers; it will especially be handy for when we are traveling & touring. DSC0001405.JPG To help the (10-11) year old epoxy cure faster, I focused both heat lamps onto the ledge where that heavy metal is temporarily holding it steady. DSC0001406.JPG While the epoxy was curing, I continued organizing my workshop bench to allow space for fiddling & working. DSC0001407.JPG Here I am draining out the (6) year old epoxy which should be sufficient to support the top section of the hall tree. This epoxy is fast curing so I can't be sluggish when using it. DSC0001408.JPG In between time, I located a lot of my drills & metal lathe equipment & organized those in the corner for now. DSC0001409.JPG Now that Kathy has her China cabinet all loaded up for now, she came downstairs & continued calling a few players off their benches to get tough & win the game. DSC0001410.JPG Dinner: chicken broccoli casserole.

Lights out: 11:28pm.

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