Thursday 7 July 2005

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Awake: 5:24am Temp 73 Clear Overnight @ Redding, CA

Early morning, we walk the campground 30 min for exercise while the temp
is still comfortable.

Call Mary Berry in Seattle & make the final payment on our October cruise.

Mid morning, Kathy spends time on our computer checking her e-mail.

Meanwhile, I fill out the necessary paperwork to attend my High School
reunion in PA later this summer.

When Kathy finishes her e-mail check, she then models another swim suit &
with my high approval rating, she’s off to the campground pool for a cool

I am sorry to report that our Dell Computer, in the last 2 weeks, has been
crashing now & then. At first, it was a rare event but now it’s becoming a
little annoying. So today, I call tech support & talk with a young lady in
the Philippines. She takes my express code & gives me a case number & a
dispatch number. She indicates a technician will be getting in touch next
week as my computer is under warranty until April 2006.

7:35 dinner: Slivered pork with veggies & pasta, mixed veggies stir fry &
garlic toast.

Late evening: Watch movie on cable: “Brannigan.” I am not a John Wayne fan
but in this movie, he seemed so “out of his element” being a detective in
London, England, riding in a car with a lady driver.

Today’s high temp=97 Lights out: 11:31pm

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