Wednesday 6 July 2005

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Awake:6:16am Temp 73 Clear Elevation: 780 ft Overnight @ Redding, CA

Mid morning, Kathy gets us both hooked on a TCM (Turner Classic Movie)
titled: “Angels in the Outfield.” It’s another down to earth, make you
feel good story about baseball that takes place @ Forbes Field in
Pittsburgh, PA. Why, I used to ride my motorcycle down there from the farm
with a cousin to watch the Pirates play. We’d take our baseball mitts &
sit in the left field bleachers waiting for those fly balls to come our
way. None ever did but we sure enjoyed the games & the freedom to ride our
Harley + a day away from the farm chores was always a special treat.

After that movie, I hinted to Kathy that: “now is the time I should
restyle your hair for Nick & Eriko’s wedding!” Almost immediately, a look
of fear begins to show on her lovely face & she says....“nothing”…for a
long time….or at least 10 seconds. Finally she asks me if I have a plan.
“Yes, of course” I tell her. “Let’s go thru the yr 2003 photo album & find
a picture of us with a hairstyle you liked a lot”…then I’ll duplicate it.

Outside to the picnic table we go with a photo, magnifying glass,
scissors, electric clippers, thinning scissors, comb, glass of water,
mirror & a sheet. 1.2 hrs later, Kathy looks into the mirror, front & back
& says those 3 lovely words any hair stylist loves to hear: “It’s not
bad!” Whew! That makes 4 medals for bravery...for her.

In the next 20 min, she trims my hair & does her usual great job.

Then Kathy takes a breather & goes for a dip in the nearby campground pool.

@ 5:00pm we drive to downtown Redding (5 miles). We both need milk.

7:35pm dinner: Parmesan/pecan crusted tuna steak, brown & wild rice pilaf,
cauliflower au gratin, mixed salad & toasted garlic bread.

Mid evening: we watch a movie on cable: “Sabrina.” 1942 version. It was
good but the 1995 version is also quite good.

Late evening: the Junior Foote’s call from a campground in Buffalo, WY.
They traveled 300 miles today. They say it’s plenty hot, they’re happy to
have the air conditioned van, and happy that the trailer is still holding

Later, Nick calls from Seattle. We talk wedding plans, proper dress
attire, greeting the Japanese, etc. Also a little MG auto talk & condo
fix-up talk. Then Kathy gets her turn to talk with Nick.

Today’s high temp=100 Lights out: 12:28am

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