Friday 8 July 2005

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Awake: 6:42am Temp 71 Clear Overnight @ Redding, CA

We say our goodbyes to Gene & Jo in the next camp site. Nice
people…originally from Illinois. Kathy spent a lot of time with them @ the
pool while I was slaving away on our computer in our bus, so she got to
know them better than I.

After G & J drive away, we walk the campground for 30 min of exercise.

Shortly after our walk, while I am still outside, Melissa calls from 14
miles west of Mitchell, South Dakota to report their latest adventure.
They were driving happily along on I-90 Eastbound when several passing
cars pointed to the rear of their trailer. Kevin slowly pulled the 40 ft
combination van & trailer off onto the wide berm of the road, got out &
slowly began to put on his gloves….glancing back @ the trailer…he saw:
Fire! Yikes! The wheel hub was on fire. He acted quickly & extinguished
the fire with one of two fire extinguishers on board, then called USA
Roadside Assistance. Fortunately, the guy just finished another call & was
in the area. It appears that a light duty tire on the tandem axle lost air
shifting that side’s weight totally on the same side axle hub & tire which
then became highly over stressed. The day’s temp was extreme, hub bearings
were heating up, the wheel hub had plenty of grease & then….poof, a fire.
Melissa reported later that it took 5 hrs for them to get back on the road
again. There was a public pool nearby so Melissa and Matthew did a little
“swimming” in the wading pool much to Matthew’s delight. We don’t know
where they spent the night. Wow! More prayers tonight.

6:45 dinner: Pecan crusted salmon filet, baked potato, broccoli, mixed
salad & garlic toast.

Mid evening: we watch a double feature movie on cable: “Magnificent
Obsession” with Jane Wyman &Rock Hudson…… & “Scarface,” 1932 version. Both
movies were very good & with little effort, Kathy stayed awake.

Today’s high temp=89 Lights out: 11:08pm

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