Tuesday 13 July 2010

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Awake: 6:32am    Temp 66    sleep 6+31    mostly overcast    overnight @ Nicktown.

Kathy left the KK meeting early to help make noodles in the church hall. After my breakfast, I called Chuck & discussed the plan for fixing the Grizzly one more time! He didn't know when his son-in-law, Jim, would be over so he asked what time would be better for me; I selected noon time.

When I arrived @ the not-so-organized garage of Chuck's, Jim & Chuck were ready to go ahead on today's plan.

Earlier this morning, they had bought a new starter Solenoid & a gas filter. It took me less than (5) min to install the gas filter but the starter Solenoid needed (2) metric screws & star washers in order to attach the unit correctly.

While I checked my metric bolt supply in my tool box (which is about a dozen) Jim drove to his workshop & did the same thing. Neither of us had the required nuts & washers to do the job. We checked with the local Krumenacker Hardware & they couldn't help us.

Then, on a whim, it was either Chuck or Jim that said: "I think Bobik's in Spangler has a metric section, why don't we check it out?" They had a vast selection & we found what we needed. It took maybe (10) min to replace the starter Solenoid.

As a subject to think about, Jim mentioned that....there is still something a little weird going on with the electrical system on this Quad. I have no schematic to troubleshoot with so I had to pass on that challenge for the time being.

Chuck told us he was going to have grandson, Casey, take the Quad over to his father's (Jim) place & clean it up a bit with a pressure washer, etc.

Kathy got back from noodle making @ 1:30. About an hr later, heavy rain kept us indoors for the rest of the evening.

I can't remember what we had for dinner tonight besides having popcorn during the watching of our political programs; that is, the ones that we recorded. There was a lot of precipitation falling.

Lights out: 11:48pm.   


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