Saturday 2 July 2005

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Awake: 6:15am Temp 59 Elevation 3660 ft Overnight @ Mt Shasta City, CA

Air conditioning on @ 10:30am. This campground is fuller than
full….completely sold out with tent campers in-between the motor homes,
5th wheelers & trailers. It’s mostly families gathering for the holiday.

@ 10:35am we drive downtown(5 min), park & walk the main street
(barricaded Mt Shasta Blvd) plus a side street(Castle) & look over the 3
blocks of street vendors & their wares. Interesting & creative stuff but
nothing we can’t do without.

The small Farmer’s Market was not good: Late season! “Stick around for
another 2 weeks” says farmer Jeff.

Early afternoon we split a hamburger while listening to live music on
Castle St. Then I take a tour of the nearby Ace Hardware while Kathy works
on getting a casual tan on a nearby park bench.

Mid afternoon, Kathy talks me into driving to the city park 1 mile north
of town….to listen to Christian music. I am reluctant to do this, thinking
it’s too far away & maybe just a couple of kids. When we arrive & hear the
music, I realize it’s more than just a couple of kids….there are families
having lunch @ picnic tables, kids playing games & now, the best part:
Free lunch! We each have a cheeseburger, a veggie paddy & 2 ice cream
cups. I should listen to her more often.

We attend 5:00pm mass @ Saint Anthony church downtown, then back to our
cool bus.

The temperature has dropped a few degrees now so we take a 30 min walk
outside the campground perimeter for exercise.

7:23pm dinner: Leftover Tuna-noodle casserole with fresh spinach salad.

Tonight we watch a double feature on cable: “Dark Victory” with Betty
Davis & Ronald Regan....... & “We are not alone.” Both good flicks.

High temp today=80 Lights out: 11:22pm

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