Friday 1 July 2005

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Awake: 5:15am Temp 63 Clear Elevation 2696 ft Overnight @ Yreka, CA

This morning we are in no hurry…well, most of the time we are in no hurry
but today we travel only 35 miles…so I go to the office & check our e-mail
& Kathy reads her novel.

Leave the Waiiake Trailer Haven in Yreka @ 11:37am. We continue heading
south, gaining a little more altitude along the way.

Today’s travel: 56 min 35.1 miles 5.38 gal 6.51 mpg 43.5 avg speed

We arrive @ the MT Shasta KOA Campground @ 12:33pm. Nice area….some shade
trees & big rig friendly. Our parking site however, is directly under the
mid-afternoon sun & this site has only 30 amps.

Basically we can do alright with 30 amps if the temperature outside is
neither too hot, nor too cold & Kathy does no drying of laundry or uses
the Gaggenau Cook Top. There are a few other systems that are affected
with less amps but it gets a little more technical to talk about. Our
backup systems: i.e. our 20 KW diesel generator can handle any current
draw that we give it. To sum up this outburst of tech talk, I will say…we
are using only one of four air conditioning compressors that we have…
stay within our 30 amp limit….& this unit will run continuously throughout
the afternoon to keep the temp inside our motor home in the 70 degree

After a mid afternoon lunch, we visit the visitors’ center in town to find
out where & when things are happening….then take a quick check across the
street @ the Trading Place Consignment Store.....we find nothing for us.

Next we drive to the Mount Shasta Resort Golf Course (a good viewing point
for the 4th of July fireworks) & Lake Siskiyou (where the 4th of July
fireworks will be shot off)….then back to town & do a little more driving
around to get a feel of what’s what!

@ 5:00pm we sit outside on our picnic table under our awning & have our
glass of wine before our happy meal & watch as more motor homes, 5th wheel
trailers, trailers & campers with tents arrive for the weekend

8:00pm dinner: Tuna noodle casserole, 4 bean salad, Caesar salad & toasted
garlic bread.

After dinner, we watch cable movie: “Magnificent Ambersons;” a classic but
rather disturbing story of a selfish & spoiled lad.

High temp today=86 Lights out: 11:22pm

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