Wednesday 30 June 2010

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Awake: 7:25am      Temp 46       sleep 6+38      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, K & I worked out with Debbie for (1.2) hrs. Next, we had brunch & then motored to the Foote Castle. We found them all, but Kevin, on the 3rd floor making things of Lego parts from the (4) drawers full of Legos; Matthew's machine shop....Andrew's truck & picture yet. Nathan was busy running a train around the long Brio train track pattern that was built previously. DSC09678.JPG Then we joined Melissa, Katrina & the boys for a walk on the Campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (I.U.P.) This walk with the boys, like the alley walk, has certain stops & things to look for along the way: i.e. fish and/or ducks in the creek, getting into the water just for fun, DSC09683.JPG steps to climb, watching heavy equipment working on more student housing, etc. By the way, this was the 1st time Kinley was brought along for the walk, thanks to Katrina, who did a fine job of handling her; otherwise she would have stayed inside the house in her kennel. DSC09680.JPG Before reaching today's destination, Melissa stopped @ a shaded grassy spot on the campus & brought out a picnic snack of healthy granola bars, cold strawberries & grapes, peanut butter sandwiches, etc. The trees provided a casual, cool place to relax before we arrived @ "The BIG sand box."

The big sandbox is really a volley ball court with lots of good sand for the boys to play in since the university is on summer break with only a few classes in session, the volley ball court is mostly idle. DSC09681.JPG I opted to talk with Katrina in lieu of getting into the sand to make magnificent castles & 4-lane highways; I wanted to get some personal talk time with Kat before she leaves us tomorrow.

After about an hour, we headed back to the Foote Castle, tracing our previous route with many of the same activities along the way. I like Melissa's trail adventures with the boys; they & us are still learning about nature & environment, etc. 

Kevin greeted us & we spent some time in the back yard as Melissa began calling the boys for their showers. After their showers & snack, Kevin brought out what was left of the famous ice cream birthday cake for all to enjoy.

We said our goodbyes & bon voyage to Katrina + thanked her for the nice visit & also thanked the Foote family for their generous good meals & fun activities.

Back in our motorhome, we listened to my sister Corinne's message: she got the job she was hoping for; she sounded exceptionally happy & we are most thankful. We watched our pre-recorded political programs.

lights out: 12:41am.

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