Wednesday 21 July 2010

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Awake: 7:08am      Temp 68     sleep 7+08      sunny      overnight @ Nicktown.

We played hooky from the KK this morning & motored to Duncansville, PA (approx 33 miles) to get started with Jill @ Showcase Kitchens in further designing Kathy's kitchen. We spent about 1.5 hrs as Kathy & Jill discussed the desired appliances & how to possibly fit them into the space allotted by the architectural drawing. DSC09758.JPG
Next, we motored further east to Blair Mill Outlet in Hollidaysburg where we perused Bamboo Flooring, both solid & engineered, DSC09760.JPG & various kinds of tile. DSC09763.JPG We also drove to downtown Altoona & visited Long's Tile Company. From here, we made a quick stop @ 5 star Suzuki where I ordered a new dip-stick for our Suzuki. The plastic handle broke on our current one.

Then we back-tracked west & south to St. Michaels & looked over the choices of brick @ Ollinger Brick & Tile. DSC09768.JPG Richard did a good job explaining the differences in brick in his warehouse. DSC09776.JPG In route to Nicktown, we stopped & shared a tuna salad with blue cheese dressing & Shock-Top beer @ Off the Rack in Ebensburg.

Afterward, Kathy wanted to drive thru my brother's neighborhood & check out some of the brick patterns & colors used throughout the area. When we stopped & parked to get a good photo of this one brick-cased house, the owners Vince & Delores, came out & talked with us about their brick & other items of interest. DSC09779.JPG During our gab session, of all people, my brother Don & his wife Josie were walking the neighborhood & spotted us as we spotted them. The gab session suddenly grew larger as Don & Josie know Vince & Delores.

Making our way slowly to Nicktown, we toured the Emerald Estates & found one of the homes that Bernie built a few yrs ago. We both felt good about getting started on "choices" of things that need to be finalized in due time.

Lights out: 12:17am.

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