Monday July 5 2010

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Awake: 6:22am      Temp 65     sleep 6+18     sunny     overnight @ Nicktown.

After our KK meeting, Kathy, Debbie & I exercised in the community center for (1.5) hrs.

Next, K & I had our brunch & then motored to the Foote Castle. When we arrived, Chef Kevin was in the kitchen making dinner, the boys were in the backyard splashing water in their small plastic pool & Melissa was busy monitoring the boys sharing of the water hose. DSC09695.JPG They were happy to see us again & that makes us happy. Of course, we kept our distance because we hadn't planned on getting a shower yet.

In time, we all moved away from the water works & spent some time in the alley picking delicious raspberries. Some of those raspberries never saw the storage cup.

Shortly thereafter, Master Chef Kevin called us for dinner & what a meal it was. Compliments to the chef as always; this meal was to be our 4th of July treat, just one day late, but still memorable.

Matthew has been enjoying making Origami creations & today he gave Kathy an Origami flower & a monkey in a tree. He also gave her a perfect 5-pointed star which he made by folding paper in a particular manner & then only making one cut (Katrina taught him this little trick on her last visit). DSC09699.JPG I had exposed our activity for the day to the boys before lunch...maybe that was a wrong choice as most of them ate very little,,,,, just wanting to get with the next exciting activity...called: "the balloon fest."

Ok, so Matthew & Andrew followed me down stairs to the work shop, found the 12-volt battery charger & the small 12-volt air compressor which we took to the back porch. We plugged the battery charger into the outside outlet & then used the battery charger clips to fasten onto the air compressor's wiring.

For the next hour +, over (25) balloons, large & small, were blown up, tossed around, kicked, hit, sat on, pawed by Kinley, & broken. Only a few were saved & they were hidden in a closet by Matthew.

Then, it was shower time; 1st Matthew, then Andrew & only Nathan & I were left on the porch. Nathan did learn to bounce a balloon up in the air & either catch it or bounce it again in lieu of purposely popping it. The balloon fest always goes over well with the boys.

We stayed for the snack & read time for the boys & another special treat: strawberry-blueberry cream pie made by Melissa. See why we have to exercise! Thank you Kevin, Melissa & boys; it was another nice visit & a fun day.

Lights out: 12:06am.

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