Wednesday 1 July 2009

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Awake: 5:57 Temp 56 sleep 5+35 intermittent rain overnight @ Nicktown.

After our koffee klub meeting, I visited the Krumenacker Hardware store & purchased a water filter. Later after breakfast, Kathy cleaned (3) filter canisters & I inserted (3) new filters into the canisters & then topped off our pure water tank.

Next I epoxy Kathy's sunglasses & set them aside for curing.

Some of our koffee klub members are celebrating birthdays & an anniversary today by going out for dinner @ Luigi's Ristorante in Clymer, PA. We were invited & Barry & Bonnie graciously offered to pick us up @ 5:30 pm & have us ride with them; altogether, a party of (13), including (2) children. K & I shared an eggplant Parmesan dinner. Good food & great company. We should do this more often. Oh, but there's more....

Barry, who knows many back roads like the palm of his hand, chose to return to Nicktown via another route, or more specifically, routes. Not only were these routes scenic & mysterious, but also places I've heard about but have never traveled. Barry was amazing; he admitted not knowing many home owners as we cruised along but he still kept busy telling us who lived in this house or that house, & that so & so used to live there but now Mr. & Mrs. XYZ live there, etc, etc. We were impressed; obviously he knew more residents than he admitted.

We did pass thru Penn Run but shortly up the road, took another route that eventually led us close to Nolo & the south side of Heilwood; then another place I've heard of but have never seen: the Dog Hollow Speedway; an extensively cleared area seemingly in the middle of nowhere with lots of bleacher seats & a huge parking area. After seeing the race track & layout, Barry then steered us toward the Blue Goose & onward to Colver.

By now, darkness & misty rain were upon us & the visibility was beginning to spoil our fun. We cruised around a few blocks in Colver, talked about the coal-generating plant & then, on another road I was unfamiliar with, returned to Nicktown. What a delightful surprise for us somewhat newcomers, to see & be toured to some of the small towns that the koffee klub members talk about but of which we know naught. Thanks Bonnie & Barry, it was GREAT!

We were back in our coach by 9:40pm.

Lights out: 11:25pm.

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