Sunday 5 July 2009

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Awake: 7:19am Temp 50 sleep 7+47 sunny overnight @ Nicktown.

After a bacon, egg, & pancake breakfast that Kathy made, I used the Suzuki to pickup a borrowed wheelbarrow to begin the dreaded field work that we must do today.

Bless us father, for we have sinned: it's been (18) days since the last mowing of our lawn &, yes, we are doing this again on a Sabbath day. Not only is the grass tall, but also somewhat wet. So with Kathy's help, we began @ 11:00am. She started as the mower & I, the wheelbarrow driver; about half way thru we switched positions. Once around the circular drive & the bag catcher was stuffed full. All totaled, we made over (40) wheelbarrow trips to the woods; our total time, counting water breaks which were very short: 5hrs, 40 min. Ouch!

Now the alley, circular drive & the west side yard of our motorhome look our tan is now looking red!

After a good shower & quick snack, we motored to Loretto, PA; a (40) min drive. This was our 1st time attending an outdoor Mass near Saint Michael's Basilica in Loretto @ Our Lady of the Alleghenies Shrine.

To our delight, my sister Corinne joined us along with other people from Nicktown. As a matter of fact, my 1st cousin Annette & her husband, Jack, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary @ the liturgy & friends, cousins, & other relatives were invited to join them in commemorating their special day in the school basement.
It was a beautiful evening to mingle with my cousins & sample a few of the sweet goodies & fruit plates lined up on the tables. Interesting how this rendezvous' happened, we only had know- ledge of this happy occasion from Corrine on Friday evening.

Evening movie: "Great Expectations." We watch ½.

Lights out: 12:08am.

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