Thursday 19 March 2009

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Awake: 5:52am Temp 49 sleep 6+38 sunny overnight @ Perry, Georgia.

This is the last day of our rally &, I have to admit, I like doing this & so does Kathy. That's encouraging because I would enjoy doing this again, but in another state.

Meanwhile, I attend the 8:00 am seminar on: "Driving with the Allison World Transmission" which was extremely well attended. Questions from the audience on a one @ a time basis by microphone were also quite interesting; so engrossing it was that I had to go against my principles & leave before absorbing all the down to earth data that I could.

Kathy attends her 8:00am seminar on: "Women's Health issues & Beyond." She arrived a little late so missed getting the handouts; again, she left before the seminar ended as she felt she wasn't learning anything new. More time to peruse the exhibitors.

Before joining Kathy to attend the next seminar, I sought out the FMCA desk in the exhibits building & turned in our max weight statistics form copied from the Newell placard in prep for getting our coach weighted tomorrow @ 9:30am.

Our next seminar @ 9:45am: "Meet the Family; (Family Motor Coach Association)". We have been FMCA members since 2001 but have not concentrated on the many benefits that are available, especially the Medex Plus program, which was well presented by the executive director Don Eversmann.

Next, K & I take a seat @ 11:30am & attend the: "Full-Timing" seminar. Not that we know all there is about full timing, but the speakers on this subject & with all due respect, were so slow & dare I say....boring, that we felt our precious time was being shattered. Again, we slip out from the masses without much ado.

None of the remaining seminars this afternoon provoked our enthusiasm, so with extra time, we sauntered over to the "Big Rigs for Sale" area & talked with Sam some more.
Our timing was not the best due to Sam working with a camera guy in filming all the details of the latest Newell 2010 Show coach.

From here, we visited the Prevost guys, who I might add, had quite the elaborate display & offered (3) choices of ice cream in several places. Ok, so it's on the house but we did reveal that our preference was a Newell & they gave us ice cream anyway.

We found some shade across the street & sat down under the big umbrella to enjoy more ice cream & who did Kathy spot riding their bikes: Gary & Barbara. Barbara also enjoyed a free ice cream as she & Gary joined us. It's been interesting getting to know them. They drive a Monaco, Signature, live & work in southern Indiana where they have their own business arranging world wide Catholic pilgrimage tours. This is a second marriage for each of them & Barbara has (3) grown sons from her first marriage.

We chat for a good (45) min & then I excuse myself, return to our coach & start our generator for more of today's battery bank charging. I also call our tax accountant Jeff in Alaska & leave a message, & then walk up to the Sheep Barn # 2 for 5:00 pm Mass.

After Mass, we say our goodbyes to Barbara & Gary & plan to keep in touch; then start seeking out some healthy food to avoid going back to our coach & snacking. Most of the venders & food sources are closing up now, as we walk around avoiding the busy clean-up & packing process + dodging many electric carts & mini-trucks zipping by.
Finally, behind the Clock Tower, we spot a small open-air food vendor who is still serving, so we both have a pulled pork sandwich which was extra large due to their wanting to clean out, clean up & move out.

Then we head for the evening entertainment @ the Reaves Arena where the comedian Jerry Farber will perform. Jerry was very funny & had a style like none other.

Evening movie; we watch ½ of: "Downstairs." Since I had already seen the "Big Chill" & Kathy didn't seem that interested, we nixed watching the rest of it & moved on to a new movie.

Generator run time: 7.1 hrs.

Lights out: 11:16pm

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