Saturday 28 February 2009

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Awake: 7:01am Temp 56 sleep 6+22 partly sunny overnight @ Cocoa, FL.

Katrina calls early morning; Kathy takes the call which focuses on: how long do can goods last? Seems Katrina who intended to do much more home cooking than she has, bought several canned goods when first moving to Denver which are now well beyond the "best if used by" date. She wants to bring them to the condo & cook for Z & KT but does not want to find the contents spoiled. Kathy gave her a "thumbs up" on using them.

Mid morning, I clean the front windshield, outside mirrors & the front (2) slide tops, in prep for traveling tomorrow. Meanwhile Kathy does (2) loads of laundry & cleans the inside of our home. Before touring Cocoa Beach, I retract the (2) front slides to avoid having to clean dew off in the morning.

Cocoa Beach was a surprise to us; we forgot about spring break for the college kids & they were everywhere. The places we intended to park & walk were all crammed & our time allotted was too short for the long walk we intended. Then we make a short stop @ the ABC store & Wal-Mart. @ W-M, my 1st cousin Florentz returns my earlier call; our topics included family, geothermal heat & cooling, weather & repair jobs he was involved in.

Next, we cross over the Indian River Bridge & attend 5:00pm vigil Mass @ Saint Mary's Church in Rockledge, FL. This church was a little too ultra-modern for us; half of the congregation was seated directly across from & looking @ the other half of the congregation. A long aisle separated the (2) sides with the altar at one end & the pulpit & place for the priest & altar boys to sit at the other end. It was so distracting; I had trouble concentrating on my purpose for being there. Kathy told me she had the same dilemma.

Dinner: leftover Paprika chicken, fried whole wheat noodles & pork slices with portabella mushrooms & fresh asparagus.

We finish the movie: "The Pelican Brief" with Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Sam Shepard, John Heard, Tony Goldwyn, etc. Entertaining thriller based on John Grisham's best-selling book about a law student whose theory (or brief) about the conspiracy behind the assassination of (2) Supreme Court justices places her in jeopardy. The only person who can help her: investigative reporter Washington. 1993. No doubt about it: it's a real thriller.

Lights out: 11:35pm

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