Friday 13 March 2009

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Awake: 7:10am Temp 58 sleep 7+15 cloudy overnight @ Savannah, GA.

My 1st job this morning was to get up on the roof again & clean off the yellow dust from the rear (2) slide tops. In fact, yesterday & today, I not only cleaned off the slide tops but also the sides & windows of the slide itself....because those slides get retracted & we don't want any of that yellow dust getting into our home.

After our breakfast of a healthy Kathy muffin, we leave the Savannah Oaks RV Resort @ 9:09am following I-16 to S-R 358, S-R 96 to I-75 to Perry Georgia & the Crossroads Campground....arriving @ 12:05pm.

Today's travel: 161 miles 3+06 driving time 26 gal used 6.3 mpg 52. 2 avg speed.

When I made this reservation, Dee admitted that every site in the campground was already taken or reserved....but she will accommodate renting a parking space next to the office that has only (30) amps with water but no sewer. I was getting a little desperate so I signed up for that special parking spot.

Sure enough, when we arrived, that special spot was outlined perfectly to fit our (45) ft length didn't allow enough width for us to open our slides due to the porch on the driver's side & other motorhomes driving past us on the passenger side. That was OK with us until I realized the (30) amp service could not give me (2) legs of electrical power & the Newell coaches are designed to have power for both legs.

I talked Dee into letting me use an outside porch outlet to provide the other leg with (20) amps which would satisfy the electrical equation; she aims to please & agreed to the idea until....a critical circuit breaker tripped & shut down the credit card unit in the office & several other little things like lights in the building. I had used another receptacle that was next to the Coca Cola machine & probably that was too much draw from that (20) amp outlet. Dee did keep her cool though & we both started looking for the suspect breaker box to reset.

In the meantime, the office phone was ringing, more motorhomes were arriving that had reserved parking sites & she couldn't use her credit card machine; it was a busy time for Dee. Without exaggerating, the entire office building is a wiring nightmare; there are receptacles & wires running everywhere; we found (3) breaker boxes but no tripped breaker. Finally Dee called her son-in-law who works for an air conditioning & heating company; Woody solved the problem within minutes; he had to take the inside panel off a breaker box to get to the tripped breaker. He knows the office wiring nightmare & truly tried to help me get the other electrical leg I was after, to no avail. And so, I ran our generator to charge our batteries & then used the (1) leg of that 30 amps to power the refrigerator & freezer for the rest of the night.

Aside from that adventure, we drove the Suzuki to the Perry Fairgrounds & picked up our "will call" rally package. En route to our camp porch, we visited a flea market on Main Street where Kathy made a big $1.00 purchase.

Dinner: Tuna casserole, mixed fruit & a spinach salad.

We watched our usual TV programs & about (45) min more of: "The Good Earth."

Then it was time to shut down the generator & go to sleep; me on the living room floor & Kathy on the bedroom couch. The living room couch for me is too short.

Lights out: 12:15am

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