Wednesday 13 July 2005

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Awake: 5:05am Temp 73 Clear Elevation 51 ft Overnight @ Lodi, CA

We leave our campground @ 10:40am, driving the Suzuki north on Hwy 99,
then I-80 eastbound to the town of Roseville (61 miles). Kathy saw a gift
idea for Eriko’s parents @ the Harry & David store in Medford on the 29th
of June when we toured the building (an assortment of fruit & butter
preserves). Well, I talked her out of buying this package…but later, when
talking with our son Nick about gift ideas, he agreed that it would have
been great….as he witnessed many mornings with the Eriko family having
jelly or preserves on bread for part of their breakfast. So…after that
“sting” I had to agree to find a “Harry & David” store in CA so Kathy
could follow through with that gift idea for Eriko’s parents. 132 miles &
5 hrs later, it’s a done deal!!

En route back to our campground, we stop for fuel & snacks @ Costco where
I take the opportunity to call my ole contractor, James, in Strongstown,
PA. He was unavailable so I leave a message.

Then we make another stop @ the Ross store in Lodi where you “dress for
less.” We both browse in our respective areas & guess what? I find 8
shirts & a vest; Kathy finds 3 tops, 2 pairs of Capris pants, a pair of
slacks & a dress. Their advertisement is right on: “Dress for less!”

During our shopping @ Ross, James from PA calls. I ask him if he could
take a close look @ our circular drive in Nicktown & haul in some good
gravel & level the entire drive all around. He agrees to take a close look
@ that, see how much is needed & will get back to me. We return to our bus
@ 6:30pm.

7:30 dinner: Leftover eggplant lasagna & chicken, broccoli, mixed salad &
garlic toast.

Late evening: Watch “Brat Camp” using a local antenna signal. It’s a
different kind of program…lots of kids with lots of problems, but Kathy’s
not sure if this televised “tough” camping is where these kids will find
the needed help or if it’s just where the promoters will line their

Today’s high temp=103 Lights out: 10:57pm

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