Friday 15 July 2005

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Awake: 6:00am Temp 71 Clear Overnight @ Lodi, CA

We leave the campground @ 7:10am driving the Suzuki up hwy 99 to Florin
Ave & the Suzuki dealer (50 min). We talk with Don (service rep) about
what preventive maintenance we should do after doing nothing but an oil
change after some 20,000 miles. He recommends the 30,000 mile service
schedule & when he gives us that special price with a coupon, judging by
his reaction to my reaction, my jaw had to drop more than just a little!
After some discussion & looking at the list of items that this service
schedule will cover & check, I accept that coupon.

Don estimates our Suzuki should be finished around noon time. “Oh, but
look dear husband, just across the street there is a huge shopping mall!”
“Hmm, but 1st, we need some breakfast.” Denny’s restaurant was a good ½
mile west of our location and we need the exercise.

After Denny’s, we walk the ½ mile back to the Florin Mall & get a chance
to peruse the stores as we walk a couple turns inside waiting for the
stores to open. I find a pair of Dockers’ pants & Kathy finds a dressier
off-white purse than what she bought yesterday @ Wal-Mart. Then I return
to the customer lounge to do some reading & Kathy opts to check out the
Burlington Coat Factory, a mere 300 yards from the mall.

Kathy returns @ 11:30am with a nice white sweater from B C F. I am
impressed! How does she do it! When she finds out our Suzuki needs a front
brake job & that will take another 2 hrs, I highly encourage to get back
out there & do some more shopping. Well, it wasn’t easy for her but….she
did! Now that’s real love.

Next time she returns, her package is smaller; she found a bottle of her
favorite perfume. Absolutely amazing! My heroine!

Now it’s 1:00pm & our car will be finished soon, maybe. We discuss some
Japanese customs & cultural aspects gleaned from the book Kathy brought
along to read, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Conversational Japanese.”

Back on the road about 3:05 pm heading south, our Suzuki starts easier,
handles better, a/c is cooler; brakes are more responsive, etc. I am happy
that we made this decision today.

En route back to our campground, we make a quick stop @ Raley’s for some
milk, cereal & fruit. Back to the bus @ 4:30pm.

7:35 dinner: Stuffed peppers with broccoli & mixed salad.

Late evening: start organizing our clothes for travel.

High temp=104 Lights out: 11:08pm

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