Wednesday 9 February 2005

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Awake 6:00am Temp 46 Clear turns to cloudy Overnight Sun City, AZ

We attend 8:00am Mass @ St Joachim & St Anne church & get ashes for Ash
Wednesday. The church was completely full including the choir section.

Afterward, we go directly to that strip mall where there are 3 thrift
stores waiting for Kathy. It's our new policy that if we bring something
new or different into the coach then something old has to go. Small house
& weight limits apply. Kathy tries on a few items but doesn't buy anything
but we did donate some clothes, shoes & a large container of cassette
tapes to the West Valley Lutheran thrift shop. So the coach is good now
for a few extra pounds.

Next we drive to downtown Glendale(15 min) to see a museum of
engineering...but it was closed. The place is actually a private residence
& the guy living there apologized for not being organized enough to open
for visitors. The guy Ed, talked with us for 25 min outside on the
sidewalk about his museum, fellow colleagues & contributers...interesting

Then we explore the historic area of old Glendale where the original
stores & the owners' homes from the early 1900's still exist. We have a
map & do a walking tour, read about who lived where & owned/operated which
store during what period of time. The early period architecture was
fastinating to compare with later year progress in more modern times. All
of the stores on tour & some of the homes are now being used as
restaurants, antiques stores, arts & crafts, book stores, etc. It was a
pleasant afternoon to walk around this area, small old town atmosphere.
Back to our coach @ 3:30. As we exit our Suzuki, Al Bush greets us from
his BIG shop. He & Wilma are back from Michigan.

6:15 Dinner: Copper River sockeye salmon with balsamic glaze, garlicky
brown rice, broccoli & cauliflower in a boursin cheese sauce + fresh
romaine mixed salad. What a meal...tasted even better than I can describe.

Evening time: Melissa calls from Anchorage. We are reminded as to why we
are's been very, very cold up there. She reports all is well.

Later evening, reading in bed.

Today's high temp= low 60's Lights out: 10:30pm

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